Project Title Duration Country Language Trailer URL Feedback Synopsis Award
THIS IS OUR TIME 0:04:02 United States English Official Video Best Music Video
Boxes for Rox 0:04:54 United States Awareness is the first phase. Official Selection
Aftershock 0:16:00 Australia English While closing up alone one night at the diner where she works, single mother and student Kate is brutally raped by Paul, a regular customer who mistakes friendly service for a personal connection. When an earthquake traps the two together overnight, their survival becomes dependent and entwined, with the balance of power constantly shifting until only one survives. Official Selection
Amore, non è come pensi 0:10:40 Italy Italian     The wife comes back home earlier than expected and catches her husband in bed with another woman. In anger, she tries to kill him, but accidentally she hits the lover. Now they need to decide what to do with the body and how to conceal it from the police that are knocking on the door... Official Selection
The East-West Odyssey 0:53:00 France English, French, Russian
Geopolitical tensions continue to increase between Russia and United States. Twenty-five years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the term "new Cold War" appeared on the international scene. Are the Russians and Americans becoming the belligerents of this new conflict? To understand this phenomenon, Thibault will ride a bike from Moscow to Washington for 6 months and travel more than 20,000 kilometers. During this odyssey, he will give free speech to Russian and American citizens to understand origins of their two worldviews. Official Selection
The Last Step 0:03:50 Austria English, German   A young soldier is walking through his memories, before the moment of death. Stanislav Matveev -
Lena Zyadeh -
Rafael Toro Cortes -
Luna Riedler -
Official Selection
Place du Trocadéro 0:07:00 France French     In Paris, Evelyne Marieux is a well-known journalist. "IMDb :
IMDb :
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Instagram : pierreleonluneau
FB : Mathieu Cayrou
FB : Pierre Leon Luneau"
Official Selection
The River Will Carry Them 0:12:55 China Chinese     The geological explorer Bin finds a "non-existent" river in the mountains, which guides him gradually to find his lover who had died in the past. And Man, the chef who has always been staying in the station, is the only person who understands him. After helping Man escape from the harassment of his teammates, Bin is finally able to "meet" with his lover. Official Selection
A Stranger Comes Home 0:11:12 Norway Norwegian It's the night before Christmas eve and a little boy Discovers a burglar in his home. The burglar claims to be his estranged grandmother and she wants the boy to help her look for valuables. The boy however, is looking for something completely different. Best Drama Short
There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues) 0:05:15 United States English     A musical "thank you" to frontliners and a humorous look at my "stay put" experience (yes, I really do have three plants called Larry, Curly & Moe!) Official Selection
Lonely Jack 0:31:38 Ukraine Russian   The loner writer is experiencing a creative crisis since his lover left. Suddenly, he starts to feel like there's someone else in the house. Best Horror Feature
GRACE 0:39:26 Germany German   A broken man who lost his family, finds a way to resurrect his deceased family. God and the devil are making a plan Official Selection
My Stretch of Texas Ground 1:40:25 United States English Islamic warriors, led by the fearsome Abdul Latif Hassan, descend on a small Texas town to assassinate a visiting Senator, but standing in their way is the town’s very capable sheriff: Joe Haladin. Best Thriller Feature
Keep Listening to Discover the Universe - Prometheus Journey 0:04:58 Italy Skimming across the pages of an ancient book, taking off to the stars beyond humanity itself unto the crystallisation of time as you follow the trail of sounds left behind by the universe. A plummeting ascension towards the void, through layers of geological memory, wrapped in clusters of celestial bodies following hypnotic orbits. Headed towards the barriers of technology where the space-time limitations between biology and geology are blurred. Official Selection
The Butterfly 0:25:38 France French Following the death of her Father whom she has not seen since she was a teenager, Vanessa, coming from a humble social background, goes to Marseilles. Master Leclerc, the solicitor in charge of the succession, offers her an unexpected choice which is going to plunge Vanessa back into her past. Official Selection
That Day 0:30:00 Norway
instagram is: @michaelrproductions
Edit (70) has invited her family for a party. She goes shopping; hairdresser and gets ready before her guests are coming. But during the day, one by one declines. In the end she sits alone. She on the other hand will do something she has never done before. Edith goes to a new place alone, without knowing what is going to happen or who she's going to meet. Nobody knows what the day brings. Best Actress
Silent Movie 0:15:00 Brazil Portuguese The “Cinema Mudo” project is the realization of a short film and at the same time helping and integrating residents of a community living in a high-risk area. All children (actors and actresses) who work in the movie are residents in the community Vila Torres, an at-risk area in Curitiba. They were chosen after a theater classes for children held in that community as part as the film project. Most of the residents of this community live from the collection and recycling of garbage in the city of Curitiba. The story shows three children (two boys and a girl), in the mid-thirties, setting up a movie frame projection room. They build a projector with an empty shoe box with two holes with the size of a film frame. Inside the box they put a burnt-out bulb without its filament and filled with water. This bulb is used as a lens. Children had to wait until the bulb burned out. Those electrical bulbs were rare in those days. Children visit the city's cinema, dig through the trash in the screening room and collect pieces of film for their projections. When the children are going to do the test with the projector, the girl, in charge of filling the bulb with water, let it fall and the bulb breaks. The boys are not happy. After dreams and expectancies, the girl gets another bulb and the projector is ready. On the day of the presentation they invite friends to watch the projection. The sun does not appear and the children are distressed. But, at last, the sun and the light appear and the projection is made. In a dark room a ray of light passes between two tiles. With a piece of mirror one of the children reflects the sunlight through one of the holes in the shoe box. The sunshine passes through the frame, passes through the lamp with water and projects the image on the wall. The short film proposes, as a background, to expose the history of cinema from the transition between silent and spoken cinema. This exhibition is made through the frames with references to the most representative films of the transition, covering the specific period between 1930 and 1934. The photography of the film is based on films from this period directed by filmmakers such as Humberto Mauro, Charles Chaplin, Ardeshir Irani, Mário Peixoto, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Yasujiro Ozu, Josef von Sternberg, Luiz Buñuel, Kenji Mizoguchi, Jean Vigo, Cecil B. DeMille, Mark Fric, Carl Lamac Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Zhang Shichuan, Yakov Protazanov, Victor Sjöstrom, René Clair, W. S. Van Dyke, Leitão de Barros, René Clair, Aleksandr Dovzhenko, Sergei Eisenstein, Orestes Laskos, Alessandro Blasetti, Manuel de Oliveira, Jean Renoir and Fritz Lang. It is known that with the advent of sound in cinema, which occurred in the years 1926/1927, some directors resisted the new technology. City Lights, by Charles Chaplin, performed in 1931, four years after The Jazz Singer, was still mute. The Vampire, by C. Th. Dreyer, performed in 1932, followed Chaplin's resistance. Yasujiro Ozu made his first spoken film only in 1936. His compatriot Mizoguchi had already experienced sound in his first film “Fujiwara Yoshie no Furusato”, in 1930. In L’Atalante, 1934, Jean Vigo, despite being his 3rd. sound film, preserves the structure of a silent movie. The character Jean after losing his beloved Juliette, remains 23 minutes without speaking in the film. The sequence is a “silent film” within the “spoken film”. Cecil B. DeMille, one of the founders of Paramount Pictures Corporation and, therefore, having the technology available, appropriates the sound only in Madame Satam, from 1932. Sjöstrom only debuted his first spoken film in 1930, A Lady to Love. When he returned to Sweden in 1937, he still made two silent movies. In Ganga Bruta, from 1933, Humberto Mauro used some dialogues, but the film is essentially silent. In Limite, 1931, Mário Peixoto, in addition to making a silent film, uses only a small dialogue with signs, making the film absolutely silent. That same year Ardeshir Irani directed India's first spoken (and sung) film, Alam ara. Still in 1931, Leitão de Barros made his first spoken film in Portugal, with a screenplay by René Clair: A Severa. That year, in Russia, Dovzhenko performed Terra, still silent. The father of Russian cinema Yakov Protazanov had made his first sound film a year earlier, The Miracle of Saint George. The Vasilyev brothers started their careers in 1930 with a silent film Spyashchaya Krasavitsa. In 1932 they made Lichnoe Delo, a mixture of silent and sound cinema. Only in 1934 did they make a truly talked-about film, Chapaev. In that year Manuel de Oliveira made his first cinematographic work, the short documentary (silent) Douro, Faina Fluvial. Sergei Eisenstein had already experienced sound in cinema, but when he made ¡Qué viva México!, in 1932, he preferred, however, to make it silent. Vsovolod Pudovkin's transition film was The Defector in 1933. A year earlier, the wizard of silent film editing Kulechov started his sound films with “The Horizon”. Mark Fric directed with Carl Lamac in 1931, in Czechoslovakia, “On a Jeho Sestra”, the 1st. spoken film of the directors. Josef von Sternberg made in 1929 Thunderbolt, a film with a double version: one spoken and the other silent. In 1930 he made Blue Angel, this one appropriating the sound fully. Fritz Lang and Jean Renoir made their first films spoken in 1931 “M” and “La Chienne”, respectively, incorporating sound as a cinematographic language. The same had already done Hitchcock with Blackmail, 1929, his first spoken film. But, Hitchcock, that same year, still made the silent film The Manxman. Of the 55 films directed by the Greek Orestes Laskos, two were made in the 1930s, both silent. The first was Dafnis and Cloé in 1930. In Italy, Alessandro Blasetti and Mario Camerini began their cinematographic careers with a silent film from 1929. In 1930 Blasetti directed Nerone, the first spoken. The first spoken film in Mexico was “Más Fuerte que el Deber”, directed by Alexandro J. Sevellia, in 1931. The Italian-Argentine Mario Parpagnoli, who directed 30 films, made his last, still silent, in 1930, the musical drama “Adiós Argentina”. In 1930, Zhang Shi Chan made China's first spoken film: Sing-song Red peony. In that year Boreslaw Newloyn made his only film and the first spoken film in Poland: The Moral of Mrs. Dulska. In the same year, in Denmark, George Schneevoigt performed Eskimo, already spoken. Many directors have not adapted to the advent of sound, some have ended their careers. Others incorporated sound into their films as part of their cinematic language. After all, as Béla Balázs said, cinema is the only art in which silence is possible. In addition to direct references to these directors, there are many references to Russian director Andrei Tarkovski. These are, sometimes in the image, sometimes in the audio. The sound of the printing press is mixed with the sound of the train from the movie Stalker. The framing of the girl at the desk with a clock (replaced by an hourglass) in front of her is a reference to Sacha in The Steamroller and the Violin. In turn Tarkovski made reference to Yasujirô Ozu in Passing Fancy. The sound of the rain on the apples is the sound of Stalker, when the three characters talk while sitting on the water in the Zone.The rain on the apples is a reference to Ivan's Childhood, which, in turn, refers to Earth by Dovzhenko. The street sounds in the Cinema's door scene were used sounds from the 1930s from Nanking (China) Brussels, Naples, Damascus and London. Best Cast
Kay 0:23:00 Japan   A girl named as Kay got an old stylish guitar as a keepsake of her father. Beyond time and space, she starts a travel, having the guitar, to find what he wanted truly to leave to her Official Selection
Waiting For Nicko 0:19:30 United Kingdom English Contemporary Thriller. Nicko is late. Is he too late? Official Selection
Gandhi Ni Bakari (Goat of Gandhi) 1:43:09 India Gujarati   The film is set during the dark era of emergency in 1975. Mahatma Gandhi had a pet bakri that got lost after his assassination. Some politically motivated people, thugs actually, catch hold of a bakri and claim that it is Gandhiji’s bakri, which they discovered in a village totally neglected. They do this by conning people into believing that a goat owned by a poor villager lady, (Savli) belongs to Mahatma Gandhi and that it has magical powers. They want to build an ashram for it and want money for that. They fool the people and collect money. These thugs come to power by exploiting the symbol of the bakri.Ultimately, youngsters and the educated people revolt against this regime.The play is a socio-political statement, in the form of a satire, to show the mask of Gandhi’s philosophy worn by post-independant political systems full of greed and farce. ‘Bakri’ is a timeless political satire play written by Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena. Official Selection
Die Geige und die Nähmaschine 17 Pages Austria German     An aspiring music student has to forego his practice as his brother’s debts get him in trouble with his criminal employers, leading him more into harm’s way as he’s trying to save the child. Official Selection
Inner Calling 0:15:00 Spain English
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Inner Calling is a bittersweet story about Benjamin, an 8 year old kid who is fighting for his dream of playing tennis against his father wishes. Benjamin comes from a dysfunctional family where dreams are squashed and emotional neglect have taken place of love. The cycle dysfunction will almost certainly continue unless the family can rediscover the magic of following your dreams. Official Selection
Outcall:initiation 0:18:00 United States English
Instagram: @michaelrproductions
Trent is lured by his drug addict father Peter to a potential job interview turned nightmare that changes him forever. Official Selection
Call Me Astronaut - Champagne Drag Queen 0:05:52 Austria       The music video tells the story of a lonely, unhappy person, who has trouble being accepted for who he is by society. In his role as a drag queen, the main character experiences a frustrating day full of rejection, which leads to a rough night of drinking and partying. In the end he breaks down, finds himself waking up in the middle of a childrenʼs party and finally discovers that it doesn't matter what others think of him. Official Selection
The Petrichor 1:43:58 Canada English, Russian Maya is a former figure skater who, due to personal tragedy, fails her first two attempts at senior international competition. Inspired by her skating idol, Igor Rusky, she decides at the age of thirty, to get back on the ice and pursue her dream of competing once more. Official Selection
I Was Her 0:04:14 United States English The story of a single woman, newly jobless in these pandemic times, and she finds herself on the verge of a breakdown. She knows she is alive and must get through this, but... is this present moment...true reality? Camilla is the story of those who are alone, jobless, scared, realizing this has come to change their lives forever. Official Selection
Haiku 0:17:17 Germany Japanese
"Haiku | 俳句" is a symphonic audiovisual project for two Japanese performers, alternating percussion groups, soundscapes and rhythmicized video sequences. The film is an experimental approach to pay tribute to the extraordinary art of Japanese haiku poetry. Best Poetry Short
Last Days 0:30:00 Switzerland Swiss German Four teenagers hang around in a shopping mall during the last days of school. They try to find themselves in the middle of the consumer world. «Last Days» say the labels on the t-shirts and jackets on sale. «Last Days» – that’s how their mood feels. It’s a feeling somewhere between an apocalyptic fear of the future and pure lust for life. Official Selection
The animal that therefore I am 0:10:37 Netherlands English, French   “What does the animal see when it looks at me?” Three animals and a woman in an enclosed space. As they study each other, their own methods of communication create a wordless conversation. We view them in close-up and from various perspectives, with the woman as a solitary species in this universe.
Official Selection
Beyond the wall 0:22:44 Azerbaijan English, Russian   “Beyond the Wall” is a short film about an intrinsic link between present and past, a spiritual journey of the Artist through the pain of loneliness, an epitome of eternal Love. The film, convey the feelings and emotions of the principal character in the form of music and lyrics, through poetic symbols and surreal artistic images. The dance is also an allusion to the timelessness of love. (There is a Russian version of film as well. In this version Song lyrics and poetry are in Russian. And there is additional English version with Spanish subtitles). Official Selection
THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER: the Musical 1:11:00 Canada   A tarot card predicts Muerte on the Eve of the Day of the Dead. Set in Salem, MA on an All Hallows' Eve, a wedding feast has been prepped. When a Groomsman shoots an innocent birdie, the Ancient Mariner knows who must hear his tale of crime, punishment, penance and reconciliation before day break on All Saints' Day. As the boundary between the living and the dead thin, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: The Musical" will unleash a deadly curse on the Seven Seas, you'll soon never forget! Best Animation Feature
The Field of Miracles 0:09:41 Italy English
Two thugs that no one would like to meet in a dark alley, roam around at night in an empty field dominated by a large and solitary tree. Their nicknames are Fox and Cat. Cat is reluctantly digging a hole in the ground, while Fox is watching the work in progress. They convinced Pinocchio to bury his gold coins there and now they are looking for them. Due to their opposite personalities, the clash between the two is inevitable: Fox is confident and arrogant, while Cat is submissive and has trouble controlling his anger. The chatter goes from one subject to another and each thread is a possible source of conflict, until something snaps and the tables are turned. A common quid pro quo between individuals of dubious morality can have unintended consequences, especially if one of them has a shovel in his hand... Only one thing is certain: neither of them wants to divide the loot buried by the naïve Pinocchio. Who will find the coins and keep them for himself? Field of Miracles is a three chapter short film, a contemporary spin-off of the very well known Italian fairytale by Collodi with a final twist that leads us somewhere in between Beckett and Tarantino, with a sharp criticism of the narrow mindedness in modern society's values. Best Comedy Short
"Behind the Name SHAKESPEARE: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scandal" 1:39:00 United States English   WHO CREATED THE GREATEST WORK OF IAMBIC THUNDER IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE? “Behind the Name SHAKESPEARE: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scandal” answers that question in this fun yet important film. It is a costume-filled journey into literary history’s greatest mystery: Who really wrote the works of Shakespeare? This charming documentary is clearly a labor of love, which one can feel in every scene. The world needs it and bravo to Christina di Marlo for doing it!" -- Don Rubin, Professor Emeritus, York University Editor, World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre. "Why was the most creative poet western civilization ever produced passed off as a commoner from a rustic village on the outskirts of London? And what drives an industry desperate to maintain this charade? Christina de Marlo (AKA Robin Phillips) explores those four-hundred-year-old questions beguilingly in this romp through the lives of not one but two men, each of whom lived while Shakespeare’s works were being produced. One is that commoner we’ve long been indoctrinated into believing is the bard, but the other—the other was a staggeringly wealthy, astonishingly educated, high-born nobleman who just happened to know Queen Elizabeth I personally, intimately. Both real people. Quite real. But only one was the author of the greatest works of courtly verse the world has ever seen. Sit back, watch, and let yourself be both charmed and enlightened by this royally entertaining film. This is the cleverest, most succinct, and bonus -- most fun -- summation of the Shakespeare Authorship Question ever produced, bar none...1,000 kudos." --Laird Williams, Author Official Selection
Lilith 0:16:20 Germany English     Not many are aware of this- But Adam had another wife before Eva came along... Her name is Lilith, and she happened to be the first Feminist on earth. Official Selection
Alexandre the Fool / Alexander Odyssey (IMDb) 1:05:00 Canada French     Fifteen years after a psychotic event on the South China Sea flipped his life upside down, Alex, a sensitive, refined and schizophrenic man is at a crossroads. His grand-mother and confidante, who would like to die with peace of mind, insists that he tries to find a girlfriend. His encounter with a young psychotic woman gives birth to an ardently passionate relationship, making him slowly drift away from his usual emotional boundaries. While the South China Sea’s troubled waters well up in his mind, he gradually isolates himself, in danger of being swallowed by paranoia’s unfathomable abyss. An intimate odyssey, at once troubling and sublime. Official Selection
Face Painters 197 Pages United States English     Logline: An unschooled immigrant, tormented by his childhood tragedies, is thrust into saving the family business, but must first try to save himself and his family before any American dream can ever prevail. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Synopsis: Face Painters is a dual narrative, multi-generational epic set in two eras in the lives of the Gravetti family. The present is 1963 Brooklyn. Luca is losing his battle with dementia, and Buono, a masterful casket maker and full-blown illiterate, must juggle both the family’s ailing funeral home and his dear father. When bills start piling up and the hearse is repossessed, Buono succumbs and reluctantly brings in his estranged brother, Michael—with all the smarts of a Wall Street whiz kid, but plagued by booze and racist dogma. The two immediately clash over how best to run the business—by Buono’s traditional ways, or with Michael’s modern-day vanity of profits above all. Meanwhile, an infamous event triggers one last memory in Luca, setting him off on a journey of love and redemption. The past is 1928 Tuscany. Buono reminisces about his childhood and his family’s last days before immigrating to America. Luca finds a chance to finally gain his father’s respect by rebuilding a chapel for the impoverished peasants, but when a scheming bishop demands even more, a local strong-arm is rebuffed. Luca disregards his family’s dire warnings, seduced by the praise of the villagers and ignoring the ominous powers heading their way. This culminates in one of the most traumatic experiences Buono can remember as a child, a life-changing event that makes him and his family an even greater target for revenge and catapults him to manhood well beyond his grasp. Official Selection
Anacronte 0:14:58 Argentina   Anacronte and the Sorcerers of Evil, without any emotion and fulfilling their destiny, they put to test humanity's happiness in a struggle that, in short, has each of us as winners and losers. Best Fantasy Short
Quick and slow 0:07:30 Canada French   Quick and slow is a show where two jokester inventors (Fred and JS), a daring dummy (Bob), and a high-speed camera take elementary school students through a series of strange experiments to discover the magic of slow-motion. Official Selection
Mysteria and the Village Spell 1:20:00 Portugal Portuguese   In a village where everything seems to be normal, certain tales and fantastic stories are told. A crossroad of stories where monsters, witches, princesses and kings want to mess up the life of Franquelim, who is a young father who does not believe in any of these things. A film that promises to have everything from fantasy, drama, fear, love, comedy, songs and not so easy ending.
Best Fantasy Feature
NOC - Non-Official Cover 0:25:37 United States English Richie Jones is a down on his luck actor. Barely making ends meet as a waiter, his life is quickly going nowhere when he is approached by agents Martin and Karla with an offer that seems too good to be true. As is often the case, Richie finds himself in over his head and he must decide how far he’s willing to go to achieve his dreams. Official Selection
Our Great Day: A Bond with Houston Blues 0:52:10 United States English Our Great Day: A Bond with Houston Blues pays tribute to the African American blues heritage of the largest city in Texas. The story reveals the unlikely relationship between a grand cast of characters from that music community and James Fraher, a Chicago-born photographer who resides in County Sligo, Ireland. The primary focus is a 1998 reunion of over seventy musicians for Fraher to make their group portrait, an event staged in Houston’s Third Ward in a rotunda originally built for the state’s first Jewish congregation. Incorporating video shot between 1995 and 2018, Our Great Day blends diverse elements of local history—social, musical, entrepreneurial, architectural—with blues performances, folklore, and personal reflections by and about individual artists. Best Music Documentary
The Donbass children 1:00:00 Bulgaria Russian This is a movie about the Donbas war, first-person stories. You will hear the stories of so-called "ordinary people". These people suffered from irrational from a military point of view strikes on civilian targets. They are victims of someone's desire to wage war on their territory at all costs. There are no author's comments in this movie and no censoring of the thoughts of the local people. This film was made especially for spectators in Europe, who do not know what is happening in Eastern Ukraine. The purpose of the film is to arouse interest in the ongoing six-year armed conflict and to make people to start to think about the responsibility of each of us for peace in Europe. Official Selection
Zu den Sternen 1:13:00 Germany German   Decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall Singer Marco Hoffmann has reached the height of his popularity. Suddenly, the ex-frontman of the East German rock combo DIE KOSMONAUTEN is accused of being by his former band colleague Volker Hinze, that "IM singer" who betrayed him to the Stasi at that time. Hinze demands a meeting, otherwise he threatens his evidence to the press and destroying Hoffmann's life like him destroyed his life. Although Hoffmann assures his innocence, he still relies on the conspiratorial Meet with Hinze. Between the former "blood brothers" a bill arises on life and Death.
Official Selection
Fadi Awad - To Glory Land 0:05:51 Canada A musical and movie score... Best Music Score
Planet Blue - Journey to Eco 0:06:15 United States English Instagram: Planet.Blue
Twitter: @GoPlanetBlue
While Wizard the Blue Dart Frog tries to find his new home and searches for his friend Frazzie the monkey, Toucan Petey and Blinky the Tree Frog walk through the rainforest, now bare from deforestation and wildfires. Despite Frazzie’s directions, Blinky is certain they are lost! He hops onto Toucan Petey’s back and the two fly away, searching for Frazzie. In outer space, Frazzie visits NBA star Nikola Vucevic on the Eco Space Station, needing advice on how to save the rainforest. Nikola teaches Frazzie about conservation and awareness: it’s the only way to save what’s left of the rainforest and help it regrow. Before he leaves, Nikola encourages Frazzie to save and heal the rainforest. As Planet Blue and Sunny Sun orbit each other, they near the Eco Space Station. Toucan Petey and Blinky journey to the space station, happily greeting Frazzie and explaining how they got lost. Suddenly, they hear a strange noise coming from the vortex door. It’s Wizard! He hops in, waving at his friends and happily eats a lighting bug. Pondering how to save the rainforest, Frazzie suggests asking Planet Blue, who appears outside the space station with Sunny Sun. Warning them that the rainforest is disappearing at rapid rates, Planet Blue asks everyone to help. Even Sunny Sun must keep shining on him and help the forest to regrow. Inspired, Frazzie promises to save the rainforest! He leaves with Toucan Petey and Blinky, before reappearing to ask Wizard to join them. Wizard follows Frazzie, but not before eating another lighting bug! Best Family Short
Testing the Dream 0:25:53 Russian Federation Russian     In a dream, during unreal experiment, the heroine finds herself in the reality of her own dream. In this dream she needs to make a choice that has consequences on her real life. This film is a stylized parody on Russian movies of the 90's Official Selection
Suzanne's Saturday Night Scares 2:40:00 United States English   Suzanne's Saturday Night Scares show will screen a wide range of older classic horror films with wrap-arounds talking about fun facts and tidbits from behind the scenes. She will also have special horror icon guests that will include actors, producers, directors, writers, special effects creators and other distinguished guests that were part of the old time Hollywood Horror genre. Official Selection
APART 0:28:35 Austria English
Amelia is a young woman living in a post apocalyptic world. One day she suddenly receives an SOS call with gives her hope to fulfil her deepest wish, not being alone anymore. As she decides to set out and look for the person who sent the SOS call, her only challenge is to survive but soon she realises, there is something following her. Best Action Short
BORROWING 0:19:56 United States English
A marriage collapsing under its own weight. One woman's quest for motherhood. Official Selection
Paradise Hotel 1:32:53 Peru Spanish Log line: In the middle of the Peruvian desert lies an extravagant hotel filled with endless competitive activities and entertainers, it’s the resort where everyone goes for Summer. Amongst them the introverted Guillermo battles to overcome his lack of confidence in the shadow of the school bully to win the heart of the girl of his dreams. Synopsis: A coming-of-age story about family, first love and restoring self-esteem. When Guillermo, a pre-adolescent introvert, arrives with his family at the wonderful HOTEL PARAÍSO (Paradise Hotel) for summer vacations, he will not only have days full of activities and colourful entertainers, but he will also run into Andrea, a beautiful and curious girl from his school with whom he regularly fantasizes. Unfortunately for him, Nahel, the popular and heartthrob boy, who often bullies his classmates, is also staying in the hotel and seeks to make Andrea fall in love with him. With the help of unexpected allies and family members, Guillermo will have to confront his insecurities and participate in different hotel activities to win the weekend’s real big prize: Andrea’s heart. Official Selection
Funky Cha 0:04:15 United States Spanish     Another Cinderella story when "chubby" administrator is replacing a dance star and winning major International Competition. Unfortunately right after that from her "minute of fame", she jumps back to her boring life in snowing and cold St. Petersburg. The leading role is played by actress Irina Pegova who actually won in 2015 "Dancing with the Stars" TV competition! Official Selection
I Heard Sarah 1:12:00 United States English :
INSTAGRAM: @iheardsarahtour, @firsthand.films
FACEBOOK: I Heard Sarah Film
TWITTER: @iheardsarah
Ian Ford is a troubled rock star who has just snuck out of his court mandated rehab and is on a mission to get back to his hometown. His desperation and inner turmoil leads him to track down his best friend to finally confront the deep secret that fractured their relationship years ago. His survival hangs in the balance as he attempts to finally face his fears and guilt and find a path to recovery. Official Selection
Proclaimed Murder 0:15:00 Syrian Arab Republic Arabic     Synopsis of project Proclaimed Murder: A short feature film The film tackles the issue of domestic, social, media and political violence practiced against women since their childhood, through the nightmares of an 11-year-old girl living with her family in a Syrian refugee camp. These nightmares reflect the extent of her suffering due to the violence stocked up in her memory, the impoverishment she and her family have been subject to after their displacement, despite their agricultural work in a nearby field. Her family yield to their neighbor’s demand to marry her off to the latter’s son, who is 25 years older than her. The little girl continues to wakes up from dreaming about the wedding, only to be haunted once again by wakeful nightmares, which ultimately push her to escape her lousy quagmire. Official Selection
Resolve 0:18:58 Austria German (You can scroll down for the german version of the text) When the unemployed Ben finds out that the treatment of his leukemia sick daughter is not gonna be continued to be financed, he decides to rob a car rental company. Once in the situation however, his moral concerns keep him from the act. Will Ben be able to safe the life of his daughter? Als der arbeitslose Ben erfährt, dass die Behandlung seiner Leukämie kranken Tochter nicht weiter finanziert wird, beschließt er einen Autoverleih auszurauben. In der Situation angelangt, halten ihn jedoch seine moralischen Bedenken von der Tat ab. Wird Ben es schaffen das Leben seiner Tochter zu retten? Official Selection
Mutanuka and Syasiya 0:57:00 Netherlands English, Other   Two old master musicians, Crispin Mutanuka (1931) playing a silimba xylophone and Edwin Syasiya (1939) playing a kanimba thumb-piano, are the last on their respective instruments. Next to the thriving tourism around the Victoria Falls in Zambia, the centuries-old musical culture of the Leya people is dying out. Field recordist Michael Baird presents disappearing music culture, under threat from globalisation. The documentary Mutakuka and Syasiya tells the story of these two master musicians, through their music, silent observations, and frank interviews. When they die, who will succeed them?
instagram @swprecords
for the cd of the music in the film:
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Official Selection
Macy's Goes To War 0:05:37 United States English "Macy's Goes to War" is a fictional satirical short black and white "Washingtone News" newsreel from 1942 telling the story of FDR's call for much needed scrap rubber and his phone call to Mr Macy resulting in Macy's Department Store's vital contribution to the US war effort. The film seamlessly blends new black and white scenes and original archival footage with inserted 2D animation to create a humorous and fun new take on actual history. Official Selection
Primavera 0:04:11 United States       Dance Film Best Dance Film
Amir Hetsroni | Case Study 1:05:00 Israel Hebrew
A fascinating journey with Israel's notorious Provocateur, Prof. Amir Hetsroni, into the depth of his romantic and interpersonal relationships, alienated childhood, and public persona versus his self-identity. Best Editing
Dont Heavy On 0:06:00 Canada       A story about embracing our darkness so we can heal our trauma and better wield the light. Official Selection
Bad Furniture 0:09:59 United States English   A man insists on being furniture for his wife. Official Selection
Pressure 0:05:40 Austria English
Between the pulsating city and the standstill of the people, a young man is looking for his place in society. "Pressure" is showing his journey from the drug ridden nightlife to the unfair music scene. Everywhere his search is taking him he ́s facing restrictions, compulsions and pressure. His journey ends when he starts questioning everything he fought for while hitting rock bottom. Best Experimental Short
ON THE MOVE 0:01:50 United Kingdom English     This project examines mental issues such as panic and anxiety in our daily life. These situations may arise over and over again but will also pass, since life is a strange loop, everything will always on the move. The work attempts to unfold the serious and common mental symptoms through visual methods in a poetic way. Feelings of uneasiness are intangible, personal, and obstinate, but in this project, the healing power of poetic thinking could be a new way of learning. Official Selection
Expired 0:02:20 Not Specified       Life is a lovely trap, nothing going to remain the same. The way we love and the method we adopt will always shift our destination. Official Selection
The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie 0:29:59 United States English A young and brilliant academic phenom who not only passes the bar exam at age 14 but finds himself defending his homeless father on a murder charge when few believe he is innocent. He faces a shrewd law firm, an old school segregationist judge, and an arrogant prosecutor who is preparing to celebrate his 50th consecutive case win. Best Short Film
Consent 100 Pages United States English   @fjaklute on Twitter, Insta and Facebook Logline: A horribly bullied, queer, small-town teen fights back, attempts suicide, reconnects with his estranged mother, and finds true love - all in one weekend. Winner/Finalist -- 17 Festivals/Competitions in 2020 Synopsis: CONSENT chronicles the story of a 17-year-old boy trying to get along in today’s America—an increasingly divided America where the fates of kids who are ‘different’ seem to be at the mercy of geography. At the heart of the piece is an unapologetic gay teen love story. Set, a high school junior, is a unique individual who frequently questions rules and accepted modes of behavior. He lives in a town that expects conformity and capitulation. Seth is also coming to terms with his sexuality. All these things make him the target of bullying by his fellow students. They, too often, mercilessly beat, humiliate and torment him. Even his two best friends, Shatonda and Janiece, wonder if his being gay is something “natural.” Seth's mother, Diane, has returned to town after a two-year, three-month absence. She wants a relationship with her son and in getting to know him discovers some disturbing details about his current living situation, specifically, his relationship with his baseball Coach who is his current guardian, along with Coach’s religiously devout wife, Grace, the high school guidance counselor. Diane would like Seth to live with her but Coach has other ideas. In the midst of all of this, Seth crushes on fellow schoolmate, Brian, who happens to be the main bully, Heath’s, brother. Brian returns Seth’s feelings and the two begin to get to know one another and are soon having sex. Seth confesses his relationship with Coach to Diane who confronts and threatens Coach. Grace blames Seth for her husband’s misguided ways and kicks him out of the house. Heath finds out about their relationship between Brian and Seth and freaks out and texts his fellow bullies who surround Seth. In self-defense, Seth stabs one of the bullies. He is left alone and tries to kill himself but is rescued by the school janitor. Things take a dramatic turn as a certain sequences of events converge and Seth's already chaotic life spins further out of control. The entire film takes place over one weekend. Best Screenplay
Love is not Love 1:34:41 United States English
FB and IG are @loveisnotlove2020
Early December, New York City, and everyone is on the hunt for love. Why? Because they haven’t found it and because they haven’t found it, they make it into a myth and chase the myth instead. That is not love in this romantic drama of fantasy, fate, and yearning. Best Romance Feature
Scorpion Fly 0:07:40 United States English
instagram is @satynrb
An Eastern Immigrant, Kalim, has come to the United States for college has just graduated and has an important job interview. After a short lunch at a bar/restaurant with his friends, Kalim drives himself to his interview, along the way, a police officer who has less than noble intentions stops him and puts our protagonist in a difficult position. Best Thriller Short
Conversation With A Cigarette 0:18:00 Not Specified English   A cat and mouse game ensues when a man faces his greatest enemy: A Cigarette. Best Actor
The Blue Tooth Virgin 1:19:35 United States English   An inside look into the politics of the creative process, two friends, both writers, face the daunting challenge of delivering negative criticism, but learn that the process can become a catalyst for self discovery and growth. Sam, an aspiring screenwriter, and David, a successful magazine editor, have been pals for years. When David doesn’t appreciate Sam’s latest screenplay, it opens a fissure in their friendship, one that spreads through to the rest of their lives. Ultimately, both men must reevaluate their motivations to write, their need for praise and validation, and what it means to see yourself as you actually are. Official Selection
Cornerstone 120 Pages United States English     Cornerstone revises the origin story of psychoanalysis from the perspective of one of Freud’s earliest patients, Emma Eckstein, a member of one of the most prominent Jewish intellectual families of 19th Century Vienna. Trying to differentiate herself from her rabble-rousing feminist sister, Emma puts her faith in Freud and his surgeon friend Wilhelm Fliess with disastrous consequences. Official Selection
A Symphony in Stone 1:00:00 United Kingdom English A 60 min documentary which celebrates Glasgow’s stunning cityscape and architecture.Examining how the city expanded into suburbs and neighbourhoods it offers many lessons for todays city planners and urbanists. It explains how the city’s phenomenal growth and the creation of wealth during the industrial revolution bought about innovation in planning, architecture and design, making Glasgow the second city of the British Empire. Interviews with key experts, aerial photography and archive footage are used to explore the work of well-known architects such as Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson, Charles Wilson and Charles Rennie Mackintosh in the construction of Victorian and Edwardian Glasgow. The film makes excellent use of Glasgow talent: the work of a young, innovative company, Production Attic; Bill Paterson provides the linking narrative; the music was specially composed by Liam Paterson, Scottish Opera’s composer in residence and is performed by members of the Opera’s orchestra. Gavin Stamp, the renowned architectural historian and journalist, makes his final contribution in the film. Whilst acknowledging slavery and the tobacco and sugar trades as a prime source of Glasgow’s wealth, the film is in essence a celebration of the city’s unique townscape and architecture, as well as its significant influence as part of a design revolution across Europe. There is a three minute introduction available by actor Bill Paterson Best Documentary Feature
Hollie's Dress 0:24:43 Canada English
As 14-year-old Hollie sews her first dress with her mother, she faces the decision all Mennonite girls must make as they reach adulthood. Will she put on the dress and become a full member of the Mennonite church and assume her role as a mother, or will she join the wider world? At the Mennonite store, as Hollie sorts through the fabrics to look for colors and patterns that appeal to her sensibilities, her voiceover reveals - with a certain trepidation - the life that she envisions for herself. At home, Hollie spread out the fabric and pattern with her mother, to prepare for cutting of the shapes and panels that will form her first dress. Her mother Deborah recounts how different it was when grandma helped her cut and sew her first dress. Through the story of Hollie's first dress, the mother passes to daughter the family values and community traditions that shape the girls' anticipation of their future roles as wife and mother. Official Selection
Kayla 1:41:00 United States Chinese, English   “Kayla” tells the story of a seven year old girl who is forced to find balance between Chinese culture and Western culture, life and death, losing and gaining. Kayla has a happy family – her mother comes from China, her father from the United States. While she is visiting China with her mother, Kayla struggles with the Mandarin language, but always stands up for herself and others, which gives her unexpected trouble with other children in the country. Even worse, her father dies unexpectedly, which changes Kayla's life completely. Her dreams and hopes are mercilessly taken away. She now has to grow up quickly to take care of her sick mother, and Kayla learns how to deal with poor and grueling situations while missing her father deeply. Nevertheless, she still inspires the people around her with love and singing and always finds courage, even when she feels lost. Official Selection
aicha 0:21:34 Morocco Arabic     Outskirts of the town, at a traditional house, Aicha, a 26-year-old woman leads a monotonous lifestyle. During the day, she does household chores and cares for her elderly mother who is sick and bedridden. In the evening, Aicha leaves home and waiting to cross the path of a possible lorry driver. Official Selection
Falafel 0:22:53 United States English Two young professionals having an awful morning suddenly meet at a cafe in London. A day that starts out terrible doesn't have to end that way. FALAFEL plays like a mini-feature, with action, music, romance, moments of humor, and a touch of Bollywood. Official Selection
The Moment 0:30:46 Ukraine Ukrainian Love story in the paradigm of war in Eastern Ukraine. Young people accidentally meet each other in a robbed by prowlers old house. They are in the combat zone and they have to run quickly to the contact line. They have to cross this temporary boarder and reach peaceful life. And that night on their way to the contact line will change them a lot. The short film was inspired by Volodymyr Vynnychenko’s short story “Moment”. The girl escaped from captivity, the young man came to the old house to pick some things for its owner. In the beginning, both characters are rooted into war reality but their story takes them further and further from it. This short film is an ode to spring feelings, nature, genuineness, sincerity and genuine kindness which break through debris of a damaged by war young soul. The soul which is absolutely ready to die with words of love for life on its lips. Official Selection
Road 721 0:25:13 United States English Road 721 is an allegory about global warming. Set in a number of California forests it tells the tale of Sam, a photo journalist from Los Angeles whose dream has been to write an essay about the state of forestry in the Redwoods as well as other wooded areas in the Western United States. What he encounters on his journey is mysterious, puzzling and ultimately terrifying. Road 721 is an environmental ghost story. A cautionary tale about our careless attitude toward the natural world and what occurs as a result of it. Official Selection
nameless 0:19:46 Canada Experimental short developed in the spirit of 'the universe in a single atom'. This film is an animation made entirely from extreme close-up images of 3 large jellyfish. Anything is possible? Everything is possible. Official Selection - 7 International Festivals. Award Winner Animation - 2 International Festivals and Experimental Award Winner - 2 International Festivals Official Selection
LEGACY 0:19:03 Austria German     A young woman arrives at the house of her recently deceased grandmother to find the documents necessary to process the estate. In doing so, she comes across strange clues that increasingly underpin the decade-long delusions of persecution of the deceased. When strange finds and inexplicable events pile up, she decides to leave the dilapidated house - but the delusions become real. Official Selection
paola rising- short film by mog media 0:10:09 Canada English a young girl feels her way through the world, bringing awareness and reconciliation to implicit biases among people around her. Short film by mog media about fighting implicit biases-sometimes even your friends need to reconsider their approach. Peace , reconciliation and fellowship are the chief goals. LOVE AND HELP LIVE !! Best Animation Short
Wake Me Up 0:08:21 United States   An experimental psycho drama about a woman struggles to wake up from a series of dream fragments nightmare triggered by a suspicious phone call of her boyfriend, but she finally realizes that she might still trapped in the dream. Official Selection
Illusion 0:06:22 United States   A young woman, Rene experiences a mental breakdown but is unable to believe that there is other way to live. However, through a conversation with her imaginary self, she experiences spiritual awakening and she finally understands that she has to face the emotional battle and follow the radical path of unknown. Best Mystery Short
Hockey 24 1:30:00 Canada English   On November 17th, 2019, Canadians from coast to coast to coast joined award-winning documentary filmmakers for a once-in-a-lifetime event: to film a day in the life of community hockey. This is that day. Official Selection
Black Emperor of Broadway 1:35:00 United States English Instagram: @blackemperormovie
Facebook: The Black Emperor of Broadway
Charles Gilpin begins his career in minstrel shows in the early 1900's. He struggles to find serious work as an actor, but there are very few parts available. He finally arrives in New York and becomes a star of the all black Lafayette Players in Harlem. A Broadway gig in 'Abraham Lincoln' gets him in front of Eugene O'Neill, who is breaking all the rules of traditional theater. He casts Gilpin as the lead in 'Emperor Jones', a play about an ex-Pullman porter turned leader of a small island country. It's O'Neill's first commercial success and it makes both men famous. But Gilpin has been uncomfortable with the language of the film, especially the free use of the 'N' word. When he starts changing the lines of the play, O'Neill fires him and replaces him with Paul Robeson, and Gilpin is ruined. Official Selection
Mistress of Tears 0:07:27 United States No Dialogue In our desperate need, we consume the world around us, till at last we consume ourselves … drowning in our own emptiness. The Mistress of Tears embodies blind greed; seductive yet shabby. She drinks the tears of others because she cannot shed her own. She longs to feel something other than the vast emptiness that lives within her. She is drawn to light desperately needing respite from her dark world. The moonlight sates her momentarily but the hunger returns as it must. Mistress of Tears reflects the human relationship to the world around them. The tear bottles represent the contents of human addiction and the endless cycle of needing more. Official Selection
StarPeople: Our Evolution 117 Pages United States English     StarPeople2007 is a feature length script about other dimensional contact and lucid dreams. Official Selection
SAMBISTAS 1:31:57 Korea, Republic of English, Korean   Last May, 100,000 South Americans at a BTS(K-pop superstar group)'s concert in Sao Paulo passionately sang along to the songs in Korean. In opposite parts of the world though the number is smaller, there are musicians in Korea who share a passion for Brazilian music and sing in Portugese. Now begins the story of these Korean Brazilian musicians. Bright, joyful faces, wide, happy smiles, dancing shoulders, and jaunty steps. Right now, they are the happiest people on Earth. And the music that makes them so, is Samba. Exciting, humble, happy, or sad. Brazilian music that has many faces—Samba. And those who play and love Samba, we call them Sambistas. One thing Sambistas share in common is that they know how to truly love themselves. Carlos(employee at the embassy of Brazil in Korea) said "Valtinho is a legend. In Brazil as well. He’s not just a Brazilian musician but a really great one. He’s legendary. A ‘legendary legend’. There are many soccer players, but only a very few who are great. Pelé, Garrincha, Ronaldo… Valtinho would be in the national team if we had one. He’s a huge deal in Brazil. It’s an honor to meet him in Korea, half way around the world.I wish he would come back. We could sing and party again. I will miss him very much." It’s the day of the last performance. On the outskirts of the busy streets of Hongdae, we see Escola Alegria. The performance is over and sadness is in the air. Our performance has yet to be over. As if we are rooted to the ground, it is difficult to leave. Tonight is a long night for Valtinho and the sambistas. Our story will still go on. Don’t cry, Valtinho. We say to Valtinho during our short good-byes, “See you tomorrow! See you again! Soon!” Perhaps each one of us will remember him differently. He has raised sambistas in Korea and together they have cocreated a culture. They were truly happy to have been together. How will Samba develop in the hands of Korean Sambistas? Kihyun : I only listen to Brazilian music and I play only in Brazilian bands. I’m a Brazil otaku! There’s no real reason. It’s just that listening to Brazilian music makes me feel happy. The rhythm gives me energy. I don’t know why… Do you? Somda : I like it. I just do. I feel better about myself when I play bossa nova. It’s the music that can best express who I am. People understand me better when I play bossa nova. I think that’s why I like it. Denis : Brazilian music, to me, is like faith. It gives me strength. So I often say to my audience, “Accept samba and be saved” It’s not just a physical source of energy for me. It’s in my soul. It’s psychological. Yeonkyung : It makes me want to be a better person. Before I started Brazilian music I did things that are not who I am. Now I feel I can be happy just being myself. Best Music Film
We the Jury 1:40:53 United States English Instagram: @iRPMovies
Twitter: @iRPMovies
He say, she say, they say, hate, lies and false truths threaten the freedom and dignity of a male, Christian, college student accused of sexual assault. A true story based on false truths. (A interactive role playing movie: Theater audience deliberates and votes on the guilty or not guilty verdict.) Best Drama Feature
THE CAMP「Wonderful world」Music video 0:04:19 Japan Japanese   The young people who gathered at the movie theater. The movie is over and they spend different nights. Official Selection
Darling, Darling, Wendy 0:13:15 United States English   Fifteen years after her trip to Neverland, Wendy Darling is determined to go back for good. But Peter Pan has other ideas.
Official Selection
I'm Not Lying 0:15:00 United States Chinese     How can a Chinese girl survive in a Chinese red terrorist political struggle! Official Selection
Wake Up 0:03:53 Puerto Rico English     Sara, a young call center representative, dreams of being a content creator but her middle-aged coworker pesters her for not focusing on her tasks and it is up to her to stay or leave her nightmarish office job. Official Selection
Daytime Nightmare 1:25:00 United Kingdom English   “Lucy’s life spirals out of control when her own mind turns against her and her nightmares become her daymares.” Aspiring actress Lucy finds her life crippled by intense migraines while taking a strong painkillers provided by her housemate Sara. The headaches develop into terrifying visions of friends and strangers repeatedly killing her. When her ghostly inner self follows her into the real world, Lucy pops more of pills, desperate to shake it. A doctor attributes her worsening condition to exhaustion, despite a history of family schizophrenia. Lucy endures an endless cycle of murders, every time waking up seconds later. She finds herself in a loop of bizarre hallucinations. Dazed by medication, Lucy realises that she’s now living inside her own worst nightmare, her only companion is her spectral double.
Official Selection
Hello, my Sweet Boy 0:07:17 United States English     Darrel, a bisexual man in his thirties, comes out to his mother who suffers from dementia. Official Selection
Doroteah 1:31:00 Israel Hebrew For the last 50 years Dorit Shimron has created pioneering dance performances in Israel and abroad. The film combines a cinematic journey with her dancers and outstanding archive of dances. 90 min Heb, English sub Official Selection
Succumbing 0:53:00 Australia English, Russian Instagram @allagopsha A mesmerising journey into the inner workings of the Succub fashion label as the team is making the show set and photography exhibition due in 7 weeks at the abandoned historical site of Vladivostok's Hermitage Center, Russia. Official Selection offering of Love to the DIVINE 0:05:06 Singapore Hindi       Official Selection
Falafel Sundays 0:01:47 Bangladesh English     The short is about a connection to a time, food and a person who serves it. It revolves around fleeting connections and tiny interactions, that become a part of our nostalgic past. Official Selection
Lady-Like Trucking - The Gamblers 90 Pages United Kingdom English     Imogen has secretly purchased a truck and is unsure as to how to explain it to her unsuspecting family. Without a plan she bursts into the lounge and presents her husband, Doug, with the fait accompli. Although Doug, totally taken aback, hops around in an angry dance, he cannot change the situation and so the family must grudgingly accept the fact. Imogen’s elation soon changes to misery and then to anger when she calls freighting companies, who do not take her seriously. She is also anxious to repair her relationship with Doug. Not knowing how, she seeks help from her friend Sonya. Sonya, who thinks sex solves all problems, encourages Imogen to seduce Doug to get him on her side. But Sonya is also excited about the possibility of meeting an experienced trucker who Imogen is considering hiring to increase her chances of landing an order. After a series of disastrous interviews, Imogen hires the less than perfect candidate, Ralph. When they start on their first trip Imogen drives cautiously and slowly and Ralph tells her “you are round the bend! Go on overtake the bicycles.” She then has her first accident reversing into the loading ramp and is about to throw in the towel but it is Doug, her husband, who reminds her of the mortgage and tells her, in no uncertain terms, it is no time to quit. Later, on the ferry, Ralph has a first encounter with a continental, a German trucker named Hermann, with whom he has an altercation about food and beer. When Ralph describes German beer as “cold, fizzy water”, Hermann replies: “You, instead, prefer the taste of sulphur?”. But when they leave the ferry at Dunkerque, Ralph and Hermann are friends having found a common interest in gambling. Against Ralph’s vehement protestations, in France, Imogen is persuaded to take on and look after a dog, Bogget, soon after he pees on Ralph’s leg. Further mishaps continue throughout the trip, with an accident on the motorway when they must deal with the German police, whom they erroneously expect to be fat and stupid. In a residential area they come across angry German residents who lecture on the rules of the road and later bossy porters at factory gates who delay them and frustrate Imogen’s carefully organised plans. Finally, on their return journey, Imogen agitated by Laura’s, Doug’s, and Tatiana’s complaints, overlooks a red traffic light and almost crashes into another vehicle. Ralph uses this confusion and Imogen’s distraction to escape into a Casino. Only after a long search aided by Bogget, does Imogen find him. Once her fury is ebbed, she suddenly realises that Ralph has won a substantial amount of money. This could be her last chance to recoup all her losses in a throw of the dice. But Ralph, now remorseful and guessing her intentions, storms after her, restrains her and then convinces her that this is not the solution to save her business. Sad and depressed and on the way to the ferry to cross the Channel back to the UK, Ralph unexpectedly digs up an urgent request for the transport of a valuable large sculpture to the Shard in London. Unable to load the crate Imogen despairs, running around like a headless chicken, but Ralph finally thinks up a solution using whisky bottles and planks to shift the crate onto the trailer. Luck finally strikes and Imogen is thankfully able to save her business from bankruptcy. Official Selection
ADAM 1:47:00 Croatia Croatian   "ADAM" is the story of a father and son in post-war Croatia. The father, a true war hero, and the son, the only thing he has, are living in an unnamed Slavonian village in Croatia. Adam survived the hell of war and is suffering from PTSD, raising his son in his own way and doing his best to continue leading a dignified life. The villagers do not recognize that and consider him an eccentric, a non-social freak whose life they would like to examine. The suspicion of the locals causes Adam great trouble, and his endeavour to endure hardships, attacks on himself and his privacy soon culminates. „ADAM“ je priča o ocu i sinu u vremenu svježega poraća u Hrvatskoj. Otac istinski ratni heroj, i sin, jedino što on ima, žive u neimenovanom slavonskom selu u Hrvatskoj. Adam je preživio ratni pakao i pati od PTSP-a, na sebi svojstven način odgaja sina i čini sve kako bi nastavio živjeti životom dostojnim čovjeka. Tu činjenicu mještani sela ne prepoznaju i na njega gledaju kao na čudaka, nedruštvenu nakazu čiji bi život preispitali. Sumnja sumještana uvodi Adama u velike probleme, a njegovo nastojanje da se othrva teškoćama, napadima na sebe i svoju privatnost ubrzo kulminira. Official Selection
Edna 1:55:07 Mexico Spanish   Christopher and Alejandro are two artist brothers (one writer and the other model) who have been contactless for years; One Christmas Eve, his grandmother passed away; The two meet again during their funeral, where they discover "EDNA", a former organization dedicated to the theft and plagiarism of works of art, whose members seek to assassinate them because they are both heirs to the power of that society. Official Selection
STAY SANE 0:18:15 United States English
Instagram @staysanethemovie
Set in Los Angeles, California 2019, Hana Wagner's directorial debut STAY SANE is a story about a relationship between two aspiring and talented actors, Tara and Tomi who both struggle to pursue their dreams in a city known for destroying hopes and dreams easily. When Tomi finally gets cast in a Blockbuster on the same day Tara blows an important audition, everything starts falling apart and Tara's inclination to alcohol and pills almost leads to a disaster. Accentuated by a powerful soundtrack, the colorful collage of a few days in their relationship illustrates that we can all stumble, emphasizing the importance of a healthy relationship. In the end you don't need someone who understands you, you just need someone who wants to and shows up when you need it the most to remind you to believe in yourself. ​ The beautiful finale is a breathtaking rave of color, vivid and beyond romantic, idealistic, taking the audience away into the land of Meisner Acting Technique. Official Selection
FRANK AND FREE - How Frank didn't become a murderer 1:17:28 Austria German Facebook: 4eyes2view
Frank Guthke, 91 and impressively spry for his age, talks about his experiences before, during and after the Second World War. His remarkable life story includes the time he met Hitler; walking through the bombed city of Dresden; hiding his sisters from drunken GIs; and making a deal with a Russian border guard. His whole life, Frank has held his personal freedom in the highest regard, which is why sacrificing himself for a war he never wanted seemed inconceivable to him. At no more than 16 years old, he had to make a life-or-death decision. With the mental picture of hanged deserters still in mind, he jumped out of a train and made it back to Germany on his own while only travelling at night. He survived several dangerous situations and managed to stay positive during the toughest of times, with nothing but his wits and a healthy dose of luck to help him along. His story offers an answer to the question of what one person can do to defy totalitarianism, and that’s to never bow to it. Official Selection
Downsizing of the Gods 0:17:37 United States English   What if the gods of ancient Greece and Rome were real and worked in a modern company? How would the Company of the Gods handle the new millennium -- power struggles, fraud, sexual harassment, takeover by major multinational corporations - and perhaps most importantly, silver lamé? Official Selection
Where’s my... 0:08:55 Ukraine Ukrainian     Ukrainian village is alarmed! Granny Lena spreads rumors, that a local, Vovka, goes to Galka’s wedding, carrying an axe in his hand, to take revenge for cuckoldry. Local police officer decides to take matters into his hands. But no one knows, what exactly Vovka’s planning to do. Official Selection
Under the weight of remorse 1:49:44 Brazil Portuguese   Four women, Adelaide, Gloria, Isabel Cristina and Maria Eduarda, are in the reception room of a hospital. Even without knowing each other and taking advantage of this waiting time to be attended, they recount their lives until arriving at that hospital trying to understand what led them there. After several coincidences in their stories, they discover that their lives are linked to the same person, a man named Carlos Cesar. This unusual encounter involves drama, suspense and humor leading the viewer to the same sensations and feelings that the characters experience until culminating in a great discovery. "
Instagram: filme_searrependimentomatasse"
Official Selection
AI La | Artificial Intelligence La (Pass) 1:21:26 China Chinese, English, Italian
An experienced Silicon Valley engineer who has dedicated his life to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for over a decade felt confused and concerned about his future after realizing the rapid evolution of AI. Therefore, in order to find his potential in nature, he joined an international trekking expedition through the mysterious Caucasus region. Being inspired and protected by Natural Intelligence, he started a new AI journey exploring China, the UK, and the USA. Official Selection
The Map is the Territory 0:10:00 United States       A world map flows into alternate realities. Coastlines drift and borders shift, as a radio searches through an endless spectrum. Official Selection
UNNATURAL SELECTION 0:26:28 United States       Fragile membranes, broken boundaries, ethereal plumbing. 26:28 Best Artistic Feature
Summit of Solitude 0:32:43 Austria German   Peter Schweiger lives in Tyrol in 1958 and works as a farmhand on his grandparents' farm. Like many others at the time Peter smuggles goods across the border into South Tyrol. On one of these tours he is shot by his father who works as a customs officer. Official Selection
Deaf Reach: Hope for Pakistan 0:11:00 United States American Sign Language, English, Panjabi, Urdu In Pakistan, an American expatriot and his Filipina wife have led the development of education opportunities for deaf children and young adults for over 20 years. They began with nothing more than a dream and now have educated more than 5,000 deaf students; established Deaf Reach schools in 8 different cities; and have current enrollment over 1,200. “Deaf Reach: Hope for Pakistan,” a documentary short film, tells their story and highlights some of their students, parents, graduates, and staff. The film also spotlights recent achievements in international collaboration and higher education. Official Selection
The World's Best Film 1:29:00 Australia English, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Thai   In March 2014, Australian filmmaker Joshua Belinfante was told he had only a short time left to live. Forced to confront his own mortality, he thought about what he would do with his life if he was somehow given a second chance. He realised that he wanted to travel the world and find people that were fulfilling what their inner child always dreamt of doing. At the time of his diagnosis, Joshua was studying to become a solicitor and had put off his dreams to become a filmmaker. ‘The World’s Best Film’ is an anthology documentary about 13 individuals striving to be the world’s best at their passions. Official Selection
Chinese Ring 0:04:53 China Chinese   A short film about a73-year-old Chinese woman removing her intrauterine device (IUD). Official Selection
Ellipsis 1:27:53 United States English     A young man and woman reconnect at their high school reunion and wind up spending the evening discussing their differing views on life, love, and whether they've been given another shot at being together. Official Selection
Fourth River 1:57:40 India Malayalam   Fourth River [ English Subtitle ] Fourth River is a 2020 Malayalam language (India) Political thriller film Written and Directed by RK Dreamwest, and Produced by Johnson Thankachan and Dr. George Varky under the banner Dreamwest Global. Inspired based on some true events, Fourth River movie tells the story of four Naxalite revolutionaries who lived during the most turbulent period of the Naxalite movement in India. The Communist political movement in India started in the early 1920s as an anti-colonial struggle when the country was still ruled by Britain. After independence in 1947, the moderate faction of the party joined the democratic process and became the ruling party in several Indian states. In 1967, dissatisfied extreme left revolutionaries who believed in the Maoist ideology split from the party and launched an armed uprising in the remote tribal village of Naxalbari. Despite several brutal crackdowns, the movement quickly spread to the Southern states. The armed revolutionaries were branded as “Naxalites.” Since then many of them moved to jungles and remote tribal villages continuing their struggle through guerrilla wars. This is their untold story. Munnar is a mountain region in South India known for Tea plantations. For decades plantation owners had been exploiting workers through bonded slavery and cruel punishments. The exploitation culminated in 1987 and workers launched union strikes under the leadership of the Communist political party. When the strike prolonged for several months poverty and suicides became a common thing in the valley. The Communist party lost interest and workers became desperate. Naxalites moved in. Many workers joined the movement. Life in the valley changed ever after, for better or worse. Fouth River tells the life of Naxalite leader Munnar Stephen, his daughter Naxalite Anitha, his wife Comrade Sophia, and their mentor Naxalite Ravi Master. Official Selection
KALPATARU ( THE TREE)with English Subtitles 1:34:34 India Hindi   Kalpataru: (A wish-fulfilling, divine tree in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.) The story highlights the importance of environment conservation. An ordinary laborer loses his young adult son. Doctors attribute his son's untimely death to medical conditions exacerbated by pollution. The man connects the importance of good health to clean, pure air and takes it upon himself to plant trees in hopes of saving others from the same fate his son suffered. Witness a determined man's decades-long journey, fraught with obstacles, drama, and hope for a better future. Official Selection
75 Winter After 0:27:44 Austria German   "75 Winter Danach" is the conversation with our elders many of us never had. An innocent family man and a brainwashed former Hitler Youth leader recall the struggle to survive as Austrians fighting on the frontlines of WWII for the German Wehrmacht. The two almost 100 year old men remember many suicides, the gruesome life as POW, love for their families and why now, 75 years later, the howling of hungry Siberian wolves still haunts them at night.
Best Historical Short
Chorus of The Graces: Aglaia, Thalia, and Euphrosyne 0:03:35 Hong Kong English
IG: austinyip_thecomposer
I have always been thinking about this short work for string quartet I wrote in 2015. I liked the tranquillity of the music, and a very nice performance by RTHK String Quartet. It was originally written for a music-image project, and I turned that into a part of my "Eurydice" in 2017. With Max I was finally able to transform the stillness of music to this jellyfish-kind of animation--so soft, so tender, yet still, simple. All jellyfish animation coded and designed with Max, with post production at PP. Music: Austin Yip (2015/2017) Video: Austin Yip (2020) String Quartet: RTHK String Quartet, licensed from Radio Television HK. (2015) Voice-over: Ho Yingyi (2017) Official Selection
Yo Soy Manuel (Working Title) 0:10:18 United States Spanish     Manuel is having a day like all of his other days. And he's okay with that. Or is he? Official Selection
AUROREM 0:28:40 Austria No Dialogue   A stranger approaches a man who collects wood in the forest and kills him with a stone. Then he drives the murdered man's van through a semi-dark landscape into a threatening nature. The killer finds an old country house in an abandoned place and searches it for food. At night he is woken up by a thunderstorm. When he looks out the window, he makes a discovery that starts a psycho-trip through the insatiability of human greed. Inevitably there is self-judgment and a longing for infantile innocence. But the human-animal only finds redemption in nature, to which it is at the mercy. Official Selection
Super Cool 0:05:00 Not Specified Russian     Not so long ago he had been just a sweet little child, completely dependent on the adult world, but now he understands how insignificant his parents are and is therefore ready to rebel. What will he do? Official Selection
Tainted Canvas 1:32:25 Nigeria English   Morayo, a London Artist is in the midst of creating the most beautiful masterpiece of her career. This work, that will propel her to the next level as an Artist fails to materialise. Desperate to clear her Artist block, she takes a walk in beautiful, scenic London, albeit wet and moody. On her walk, she encounters a mother and daughter. Something about their closeness and the mother’s affection for her daughter triggers a deep rooted feeling in her that subsequently inspires her work of Art. Back at her studio, she begins to paint. It’s beautiful. Lyrical. Magical. And then, it changes. She’s hit with a memory, one that distorts the painting. As time goes on, we discover that Rayo is fighting some horrible demons, and had been for a while. But she’s failing. Terribly. This hold further torments her when she receives a life changing call from Nigeria regarding her mother, Rose. This could be her saving grace. The journey back to Nigeria, the place that shaped her womanhood, the place where her demons were created. One of those demons, we soon learn is her mother, Rose. This journey is emotional, tumultuous and insightful for Rayo. We go back with her to the colourful, vibrant and exciting Nigeria in the 70s where we discover the reasons behind Rose’s damaged mental state. Rayo soon comes face to face with Rose. She must fight, if she wants to be free. This isn’t a physical fight. But one of the psyche, one of emotions, to find peace. It’s a soul fight. Will she win or will she lose?
Official Selection
Built lands 1:21:31 Spain Spanish     In the late 60s a group of artists decides to settle in a village in the ‘darkest-deepest’ Spain. Today only Felix Cuadrado Lomas still remains there, determined to reflect the landscape which surrounds him: the lands built by those who work on them. Official Selection
Todd Takes a Break 0:03:11 United States English     A teleneurologist explains his nightly routine. Official Selection
Into the Light of Day 109 Pages Spain English     A Navy photographer's mate comes of age when he falls in love with an enchanting senorita in Rota, Spain, as he then follows his heart and searches for his future. Official Selection
Our Song 0:11:03 United States English     Our Song is an experimental comedy drama about Love, Loss and Lyrics. She loves him. He loves her. They lose each other - and the whole time they only speak in song lyrics. OUR SONG contains excerpts from the lyrics of 42 songs, and visual references to these songs, bands or music videos. From the blowing curtains in Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart", and the black tears in The Rasmus' "Justify", to the iconic hand gesture of the Backstreet Boys. While the story is dramatic, the narration style and rhythm of the film produce an unexpected situation comedy. OUR SONG is the first short film that producer, writer and actress Kati Rausch filmed in the US. Official Selection
LIFTOFF 0:04:14 Switzerland English Twitter: @PeteBerger_
A young woman dressed only in underwear climbs the steps of a lookout tower. We don't know why. But she seems to be increasingly in a hurry, because she climbs the spiral staircase faster and faster, as if she was late for a rendezvous. When she finally reaches the top, she aims the pencil-shaped metal spike attached to the viewing platform at a distant spot unknown to us: a little white flame moving upwards. Best Sci-Fi Short
Swordsman: Gabriel Moked 1:05:00 Israel Hebrew   A documentary portrait of Gabriel Moked, who moved from Warsaw to Israel after World War II, quickly learned Hebrew, and published a literary magazine while still in high school. It was his first step toward becoming an editor and publisher who would shock the young Israeli establishment. A professor of philosophy and enfant terrible of the world of Israeli literature, he was the first to discover and publish works by Yona Wallach, David Avidan, Aharon Appelfeld and others. Today, at the age of 85, after 60 years as publisher of the literary magazine Achshav (“Now”), he has no plans to retire. He draws his sword for another round of battle, with a new generation of Israeli poets. Feedbacks: ""
Official Selection
The Loser's Club 115 Pages United States English     For years, members of the self-proclaimed “The Loser’s Club” (TLC) have endured the constant "torture" and harassment by some of the most “elite” students in their high school. After a particularly horrendous day of bullying, the members of TLC decide it’s time to put an end to their torment by kidnapping and holding hostage the school's star quarterback and head cheerleader on the day of the school’s Centennial Homecoming. The Loser’s Club’s plan, “Operation Get Back,” is about to kick some serious butt! Official Selection
Unseen Australia 0:03:05 Australia Australia is so much more than the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef. It is, uniquely, both a country and a continent. This vast, empty land is the same size as the USA, but with just 25 million people. Here is just a glimpse of the Australia you didn't know about. Unseen Australia. Best Cinematography
Leaving to live 0:07:48 France French
On December 24 in the middle of the afternoon, Alexandra, 35, makes an important decision that will change her life : leaving her marital home with her 7-year-old daughter Léa. She asks her to make a promise : to say nothing to his father. Official Selection
100% Girl 0:03:09 Taiwan Chinese     The difference between men and women creates the most difficult battlefield in the world. Magical kitchen appliances try to do a little magic to fight for peaceful and sweet life. 【Cast】 Toaster Steam cooker Qian Qian’s husband Official Selection
Nasir and The Others 0:32:00 Turkey Somali     The story of addicted children living in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia that has been struggling with civil war and terrorism for years... Having lost his mother when he was seven years old and been living on the streets since then, Nasır is only one of the young people victimized by clashes in Somalia. Nasır and his friends strive to survive on the protocol road called “KM4” located between the buildings of Presidency and Prime Ministry of Somalia. The documentary questions whether Nasır and his friends, who have been engaged in numerous crimes like purse snatching, injuring, pickpocketing in addition to substance addiction under the difficult conditions of the street, will be able to find a way out of this life full of hardships. Official Selection
Protector of the Emerald City 120 Pages United States English     Michael, an archangel hiding amongst humanity while harboring a deep resentment to God, is called back into service to thwart a powerful demons plan to unleash hell on earth. Official Selection
The Seedling 120 Pages United States English     Found adrift at sea, sold into slavery and raised without knowledge of who he truly is, a young man looks up to meet the gaze of a handmaiden, discovering a love so intense it leads to the downfall of a kingdom. Official Selection
Faithful Shadow 119 Pages United States English     When an unknown creature takes up residence in the Old Faithful Inn during Yellowstone Park's largest forest fire, a group of rangers and firemen fake an evacuation to close the Inn and hunt the creature. Official Selection
Girl in a Van 0:05:23 United Kingdom English     It is a short documentary made entirely by students of 2nd year, Department of Theater, Film and Television Studies at Aberystwyth University in Wales, UK. We are telling a story about the Néna Marie Hyland, a young artist. She's study MA at the Aberystwyth University and lives in a van with her bunny Smudge. The camera follows her from the morning until the evening. It's about a day in her life. We try to show to the audience the different, alternative way of living, but also create a feeling, a sense of what it is like to live in a van. Best Student Film
The Family Tree 2:11:00 Panama English, Spanish   An old Panamanian holiday tradition personified as a homeless man disrupts the life of a workaholic animal rescuer to show him the true meaning of love, friendship and family. (NOTE: ONLY ACCEPTING FULL WAIVER SUBMISSION REQUESTS FROM FESTIVALS/AWARDS/ & MAGAZINES/BLOGS/ONLINE PUBLICATIONS TO REVIEW THE FILM.) US Theatrical: November 6, 2020 virtual theatrical release link (NOW PLAYING US WIDE) Official Selection
10 Photographs 0:15:00 Canada English, French An aspiring model, ready to begin her career in the fashion industry, hires a photographer in Paris to help her create her portfolio. The only thing standing between her and her dreams is 10 photographs. Official Selection
Everybody Flies 1:36:00 United Kingdom English   Everybody Flies' is Fact Not Fiction Films' latest feature documentary following former Airline Captain, Tristan Loraine, who uncovers the facts about the air we breathe on commercial aircraft. ​ How safe is the air we breathe on a plane? Every day, 11 million people fly across the globe, unaware that the air in the cabin may contain dangerous toxins. For the past 18 years, Captain Tristan Loraine has been collecting evidence and testimonies from crew members and passengers who have suffered this unspoken consequence of flying. Everybody Flies discloses never-before-seen documentation, scientific findings, and personal accounts relating to the controversial issue of cabin air quality. Official Selection
For Later Times 121 Pages United States English     Nineteenth-century Austrian composer Anton Bruckner’s quest for recognition is linked with the struggles of his biographer to keep the Brucknerian symphonic legacy from being appropriated by the Nazi authorities in an inspiring story of triumph in the face of relentless adversity. Official Selection
Reboot 0:14:58 Romania English
"Reboot" is an award-winning movie about a lonesome man suffering from depression and obsessive regrets, who chooses to erase his memory in order to restart his life and get a second chance at living a normal life. This is Andrei Thutat's second short film. It is an independent, zero-budget project. It is a one-man crew project, made all alone. The film is listed on IMDb here: The trailer for "Reboot" is here: Awards: - On 24th of September 2019, Reboot won the 1st place in the "Special Jury Award" category at the Bio-Fiction Film Festival in Vienna, Austria. - It won the "Honorable Mention Award" at Canada Shorts Film Festival 2019. - On the 15th of February 2020, it Won BEST SHORT at the Eurasia International Film Festival in Moscow, Russia. - It won the Award for Best Amateur Drama < 40 in Los Angeles, US, at Raw Science Film Festival 2020, on 21 August 2020 - It gathered so far 20 official selections at different international festivals. Plot Summary A nightmare wakes John up long after morning has passed into midday. It's one of the many nightmares haunting him. He is a mess. A shelf of medicines and a stale beer await for him. He's having them all. As he looks towards a bookcase full of empty beer cans, he recalls the accident which took the lives of his wife and daughter ten years ago. All the usual methods of seeking and finding relief and inner peace have failed him. Driven by his desire to heal his soul and the hope of living a normal life again, John makes use of all his knowledge and his firm belief that his negative thinking patterns, obsessions, and regrets are somehow deeply rooted inside his brain, and builds a device to erase them from his memory. If he succeeds, this could be his life-saving cure. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare him for the choice he must make. Following a series of faulty tryouts, the only way to make the memory eraser device work is by a life-threating, game-changer upgrade. A sacrifice John's willing to make. Official Selection
The rabbits' house 1:34:09 Argentina Spanish   Argentina, 1975. With her budding seven-year-old age, it’s quite normal for Laura to change name and address. To survive she is aware than she must stay quiet with her mouth shut, not even telling her grandparents the place in which she and her mother are hiding. Official Selection
Little Hearts 0:19:46 United Kingdom English     A team of volunteer surgeons travel to Sudan to give free life-saving heart operations on children whose lives are at risk. Official Selection
The Damned - Stories of Slaughterhouse Workers 1:05:28 France French Slaughterhouse workers talk about their work. Their testimonies reveal how this “world apart”, at the very limits of the human condition, affects the health of workers. The film relate the daily battle men and women who work in slaughterhouses have to fight against their own emotions to “hold on”. Through the course of their stories, the mental images that inhabit them are gradually revealed, and in places, one can guess all those they prefer not to deliver. Shot in the forest, a symbolic space of refuge and isolation, the documentary does not show any image captured in a slaughterhouse. Official Selection
A Tale of Three Trees 0:21:02 United States English     Be transported on a journey as three trees try to imagine their dreams of a life fulfilled. When their true destiny is revealed, they could not have imagined on their own what God had planned for them. This is a film adaptation of Linda Nash’s wonderful book, A Tale of Three Trees. As a young girl is struggling with her own inadequacies, she stumbles upon a small acorn who knows that God has a destiny and purpose placed in each life and even though it may not be evident in appearance, it is there just the same. He should know. For inside that small acorn lies a mighty oak. As the young girl wrestles with growing up, the acorn shares the story of A Tale of Three Trees. The film utilizes the beautiful illustrations by award winning Russian born artist, Anna Shakeeva, and ends with the magnificently produced and arranged song, The Tree of Life, written and sung by Linda Nash. A Tale of Three Trees awakens young and old to the continuous challenge to uphold all life as beautiful…no matter how small. Official Selection
The Postcard 90 Pages United States English     A young Nazi’s carefully balanced world is shattered upon the arrival of a mysterious postcard with only ‘Flee with her’ written on it. Fear over the exposure of his forbidden romance with his long time Jewish girlfriend continues to mount as questions from his commander arise over his closeness to her family. With time running out, and few options available he must decide his destiny between being a proud German soldier or saving the woman he loves. Official Selection
The 600: The Soldiers' Story 1:57:00 United States English     The little know story of the guerrilla battalion trapped in Kigali at the start of the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, and the rescues they made of thousands of civilians. Best Feature
The Beholder of the Eye 0:31:52 United States English   Volunteer models pose nude in Toronto Island, displaying their bodies and their flaws unapologetically in a way that seems unfathomable to relentlessly self-examining female crew. Official Selection
The Mirror 0:21:42 Australia English   Australian Academy Cinema Television & Arts (AACTA) Nominee for Best Short Film When a young girl discovers a mysterious antique mirror in the basement of her ailing grandmother’s house, she accidentally opens a window between time that allows her to cross over into war-torn Nazi-occupied Poland. With wonderful performances from two remarkable newcomers - Ingrid Torelli (Suzi) and Amelia Westlake (Young Hilda). Official Selection
THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. FROM COLMENAR VIEJO TO THE ANTARCTICA 1:20:00 Spain Spanish They say that the beating of a butterfly's wings can cause a tornado in another part of the world." This is a documentary based on a personal experience that aims to generate a global awareness of commitment and protection of the environment and land Official Selection
When the Snow Melts 0:18:13 United Kingdom English     Tucked away in the remote Scottish Highlands, Alan and Fiona Stewart have a very special way of life, running their sleddogs from the backdoor and into the mountains. However the winters are becoming warmer. How can they cope with the changing climate? Official Selection
acromatic 0:15:00 Austria German
A young man walking the thin line between depression and creating art finds inspiration in his blood. Official Selection
Fable of the Jade Tiger 99 Pages United States English     After an attack on a Han village, Jade Tiger rallies survivors and unites others against the Tu Xi Empire and their leader, Absolute Ruler. Official Selection
Pretty Men (My Bittersweet Family) 1:51:32 Not Specified Korean     The protagonist Ki-seong is a 40-year-old head of the family who has an accidental father, a rejuvenated daughter and an ex-wife who remarries a classmate. The desperate family is obsessed with the four-room apartment that can be gathered again Official Selection
Review 110 Pages United States English     In a video message, a girl invites other women to have sex with her boyfriend, but only if they leave her a review after. Official Selection
The Spellbook 0:10:00 United States English     After the death of someone in their hometown, two estranged childhood friends reunite for a sleepover. Together, they must confront a literal demon and their own unresolved issues. Official Selection
ALTER EGO 1:15:00 United States   This is the story of a reclusive paranoia genius author who spend a nigth in his isolated mansion waiting for his cration to come and destroy him. Official Selection
MASLO CHERNOGO TMINA – THE UNTITLED 0:03:20 Russian Federation Russian       Official Selection
HUSKY – KILL ME 0:03:03 Russian Federation Russian       Official Selection
Miyagi & Andy Panda - YAMAKASI (Official Video) 0:06:23         One night the Vladikavkaz residents decided to bury what has been hurting their previous generations for centuries – the War Official Selection
King Petar I 2:05:00 Serbia Serbian
Due to a series of events and historical circumstances, Petar Karadjordjevich returns to his homeland. He introduced parliamentary democracy and set about reforming Serbia.But Serbia's progress was quickly hindered. The First World War began with the Sarajevo assassination and the Austro-Hungarian Empire displayed all its ruthlessness.In spite of the heroic victories in the battles of Mt. Cer and on the river Kolubara, the Serbian government decided that retreat was nevertheless inevitable. During the painful retreat across the Albanian mountains, the king runs into Makrena, mother of a soldier named Marinko.Unable to find her son, she makes the king vow that in her stead he will deliver a pair of socks she had knitted for her son. Sadly, the king finds Marinko too late - having frozen to death in the mountains, whilst Makrena dies on the tomb of a young Austrian soldier, mourning in the name of all the mothers all the sons fallen as innocent victims of the war.Having suffered terrible losses, the Serbian Army finally managed to reach Corfu and the small island of Vido that marked the death and the resurrection of Serbia.Before his death, the most beloved Serbian ruler, King Peter the Liberator, erected a monument to Makrena in her native village of Slovac. On his deathbed, he voiced a single wish - to die wearing the socks that he failed to deliver to Marinko. Official Selection
A Typical Everyday Corpse 50 Pages Switzerland German     Harry K. is working on a gruesome coffee-table book. All night long he searches the labyrinthine historical centre of the town where he lives for opportunities to take macabre photos, until, one day, one of K.’s surreptitious forays does not go to plan. – This film is a Kafkaesque crime comedy. Official Selection
Insides/Outsides 1:25:28 Germany German   The satirist Serdar Somuncu shares a unique look into his soul and behind the scenes of his live show in front of 5.000 spectators in Düsseldorf. Stanislav Matveev -
Lena Zyadeh -
Rafael Toro Cortes -
Luna Riedler -
Official Selection
That's Life (The Politician Speaks) 0:03:58 Not Specified         Official Selection
TOMORROW 0:19:59 Germany English   "There are things you may never use, but it's too late to look for it when you need it." - As the coronavirus sweeps the globe, an Asian man records his self-isolation process and silent reflections, while situated in two different parts of the world: Unlike those who are used to living in the light, enjoying their freedom of speech, those who are used to living in the shadows also wear masks and can't make a sound, but their inner voices and hopes speak even louder. Official Selection
AROUSED 96 Pages United States English     When a recovering drug and alcohol addict rents a room to a handsome stranger, his new roommate’s dark secret begins threatening his recovery and life. Official Selection
A Monumental Secret 0:11:46 Canada English, Ukrainian @yegfilm (Instagram, Twitter)
Two close friends find themselves at odds over a controversial Ukrainian heritage monument. Official Selection
Sleepless 0:12:00 Canada English @yegfilm (Instagram, Twitter) One woman goes to hilarious and extraordinary lengths to get a good night sleep despite her snoring, farting, sleep-talking partner. Official Selection
Farishton 0:03:40 India Hindi     "Farishton" focuses on the central character Amal and her much anticipated pilgrimage. Her journey reflects all of our journeys, filled with beautiful people and challenges that must be overcome. The lyrics focus on her prayers for peace and hope for unity among people and mother nature. The ethereal music and angelic voice bring out the love and childlike wonder in all of us. Official Selection
The Big Ugly 1:43:00 United States English   Anglo-American relations go bad when London mob bosses invest in a West Virginia oil deal in hopes of laundering dirty money. Official Selection
Amruthamathi 2:02:41 India Kannada     "Amruthamathi" a kannada film is based on the story of "Yashodhara Charite" an epic poem written by Janna, a famous 13th century A.D. Kannada poet. This Janna's epic poem is recreated and reinterpreted in this film appropriate changes without diviating disturbing original essence of the story. As per the original story - Amruthamathi, the wife of Prince Yashodhara falls in love with 'Astavanka' a horse caretaker employed in the royal horse stable, after listening to his singing one night. She also strikes a successful relationship with Astavanka through her maid servent. One night, Yashodhara who had grown suspicious of Amruthamathi's behaviour follows her secretly and sees her visiting Astavanka. Through the enraged prince thinks of killing them he does not do so due to his commitment to non violence. On the other hand, Amruthamathi on knowing that her husband has become aware of her secret releationship with Astavanka decides to kill her husband and in laws by poisioning. But in this film, poisoning incident takes a different turn, which gives a message of non violence and pro people prespective. Logical reasons are created in the film with regard to the behaviou of Amruthamathi and a Philosophical treatment has been given to the character. And also, this film analyses the experience of luxury and abundance availabe in the palace, stand in contrast to happiness and freedom available in the outside common society. Apart from this the contrdiction between the 'Rules' and the 'commonPeople' is also explored in the film. The significant point to be noted in the film is - 'Amruthamathi's' inner and outer world becomes a metaphor of whole and finally uphelds the dignity of women's sensitivity and sensibility. Official Selection
To Teach a Bird to Fly 0:24:21 Finland English
By daring to imagine a future where the effects of climate change have been reversed, this docu-fiction film weaves a multi-layered narrative exploring bird extinction, human-animal relationships and climate change from the perspective of a hope-filled future. But all is not what it seems. A woman relates events from the past – today’s world – when her 25-year-old grandmother worked as a foster parent to the critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis. The story follows the young woman as she hand-raises the alien-looking birds, spending weeks, and months living with the Ibises, and eventually teaching them to fly and migrate across the Alps to the safety of their wintering grounds in Italy. At the same time, she subtly reveals the difficulties we will all face on the path to our uncertain future. Official Selection
Getting Worldly 1:08:00 United States English   Unplugged from emails & paper chasing for one year, bags are packed & flights are booked. From eating a chicken lunch in Chernobyl to riding on Stalin's cable cars (flying coffins) and going to see the Mountain Gorillas that are going extinct. The series is as adventurous as it is informative. Official Selection
Taiwan Real Estate Survival Guide 0:18:00 Taiwan English     Hear from the victim who fell into several real estate buying trap while trying to find a dream home in Taiwan. Official Selection
FINKY 1:33:00 Ireland Irish @MiciFinky
Micí Finky, a musician and puppeteer looking to escape his past, steals an envelope full of cash and runs off to Scotland with his childhood friend Tom Tom to start a new life. On their first night in Glasgow, Finky suffers a horrible accident and is left paralysed from the waist down. He hits rock bottom but is given a chance at redemption when he is recruited by Carnival Chaotica, a violent avant-garde circus. Finky embarks on a twisted odyssey that brings him over the rainbow but, as his journey becomes increasingly hellish and surreal, Finky realises that he must confront his tormented past if he is to ever find peace. An offbeat, mysterious, fantasy drama, Finky is a celebration of life, love, and death, and the transformative power of art. Official Selection
Taiwan- my home 0:50:00 Taiwan Chinese     Stories of people in Taiwan Official Selection
Yschtoo- Get ready for the Carnival of Basle 1:33:00 Switzerland Swiss German   Behind the scenes of the Carnival of Basle. In the course of one year, the camera accompanies several carnival societies during their preparations. Its lantern, mask and costume designers relate both their motivations and know-how. The balladeers, float societies and brass bands are also part of the film. In the end, the different artistic approaches and processes merge to create a multicoloured puzzle, the carnival. Official Selection
Tokyo Banana 2:13:33 Japan Japanese   This documentary follows three individuals who are facing their life challenges, while trying to make it in the entertainment world. Comedian and impersonator, TANK has been married 6 times with over 10 children. Yohei Shima is a young actor who faced troubles when studying abroad in the US. Impromptu performer Mattsun, has developmental disorders of Asperger and ADHD. Take a peek into these three individuals lives, and possibly experience a little piece of the Tokyo desert and a hint of their courage as well. Official Selection
S is for Summer, K was for Fall 1:20:00 Japan Japanese   Susumu has moved up to Tokyo from Osaka. He went to an interview at music production company over the summer. He has decided to try to achieve his best friend Koichi’s dream of playing in a band Susumu and his friend’s music style differs from the mainstream music scene of today. They fight amongst themselves to decide whether they produce their own music or produce the music that others want them to make, all in the name of trying to break into the music industry. Throughout the duration of the film, Koichi appears like a ghost in the background. His actions and behaviors from last autumn also have an influence on the choices Susumu makes today. This film is shot in black and white. Official Selection
Tokyo Saba Girls of The Living Dead 0:49:59 Japan Japanese   Manager at the coffee shop in Shimokitazawa, Marin goes to the grave and puts the doll on the grave. However, Ayu who was dead, revives as a zombie. She comes to the coffee shop with her dead father, Manbou. The owner of the coffee shop and customers there are involved. A lot of people in the town are changing to zombies. They need to stop Saba-kun reviving as a ghost to stop zombie disaster. Ayu is hesitating between being human and zombie but she makes a decision. This is the story about revenge. Official Selection
1805 A Butterfly Drive 0:11:10 Canada French
What's really happening at 1805 A Butterfly Drive? A mother and her daughter, a mystery, wild emotions... Official Selection
Verona 1:18:00 United States English   Adapted from Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', Verona weaves a passionate and vibrant story of the classic characters re-imagined in a 1950s setting. Romeo, a sensitive dreamer, is swept up in his passion for the lovely, privileged Juliet, whose romantic eyes are opened to a dark world of violence and betrayal. Amidst frolicking sockhops, charming malt shops, and a swirl of poodle skirts, the perfect smiles of the Capulet family mask a dissolving marriage and a substance-abusing housewife. Meanwhile, the Montagues struggle with the tension of being an interracial family in an era full of prejudice and segregation. Residents of the town attempt to project a perfect vision of The American Dream while the preppy Capulet youth face off with the slick, greaser Montagues in a simmering battle of gang warfare. Official Selection
F20 1:30:00 Croatia Croatian   “F20” is a psychological thriller about a young girl, Martina who stays in the city during summer, forced to work in her father’s pizzeria to deliver pizza though she daydreams about going to the Party Beach. She starts a relationship with a young man, Filip, who spends most of his time at home playing videogames and ordering pizza. When Martina’s best friend goes to have fun over the weekend, her strict father forbids her to go, so Martina uses Filip to circumvent her father’s ban. However, instead of her dreams coming true, Martina’s reality quickly turns into a bloody nightmare. Official Selection
The Last Song 0:54:13 Austria German     The documentary film Des End vom Liad (The Last Song) is about cultural identity as exemplified by the music group Neuwirth Extremschrammeln and the Viennese song. Roland Neuwirth is a unique Viennese personality and an out-and-out artist: a lyricist, composer and musician, a clown on stage yet a perceptive and deep-thinking person in private. With his long white beard, characteristic hat, a cigarette and a glass of wine, Neuwirth personifies the Viennese song and is the film’s main protagonist. In search of his own cultural identity and after some detours in jazz and blues, Roland Neuwirth discovered the Viennese song. In the 1970s, that was something quite unusual for a young person revolting against the conservative middle class: in those years, Viennese songs were considered kitschy and also smacked of the Nazi era. As a young musician, Neuwirth began searching for his musical roots and soon recognized that they had little to do with the pop music in English of the 60s and 70s. “I realized I wasn’t a black from Louisiana, but a white guy from Hernals.” And so he started examining the origins of 19th-century Viennese music and transcribing traditional Viennese songs from old recordings. By composing his own songs, which are mixed with elements of blues and jazz, he has made a significant contribution towards moving the Viennese song tradition into the present. For Neuwirth, tradition is not something rigid. He believes that “...anyone who is aware of their traditions can open all the doors and windows and let new things in.” One important reason he deals so seriously with cultural tradition is the fact that today, the expression is particularly misused by right-wing populists, something that works well if people are no longer conscious of their cultural “home.” Searching for a personal cultural identity requires a critical examination of one’s own history, one’s own origins; becoming aware of their roots enables people to open themselves to new influences. Official Selection
STRAPLESS 0:09:06 India English, Hindi     A single woman discovers she is pregnant in the middle of a lockdown with a guy she met through a dating app. What follows is an uninhibited conversation between the 4 friends who have their own different perspectives about an unwanted prgnancy. Official Selection
Calcamar 0:16:13 Portugal Portuguese   Conceição escapes from the Nursing Home with the help of her granddaughter Lia. The two of them go on a trip to the coast of Algarve in order to watch a bird called Calcamar. Official Selection
Sun Shine Moon 1:35:22 Germany English, German   The Chinese Sun (Ding Ding) and the Korean Moon (Jinseung Moon) meet at a language course in Heidelberg. As Moon remains without a room Sun helps him. They accept the proposal of a sinister pub owner, who offers them a place to stay. In return they have to deliver mysterious boxes. Their courier service leads them through the narrow alleys of the romantic city center, as well as through a dreamlike, summery landscape. The magic of this place increasingly captivates the two protagonists and finally blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Official Selection
Cissy 0:20:00 Uganda English   In the short documentary “Cissy”, a young woman of 24 years from Uganda tells how her life has changed thanks to education and how she was able to escape poverty.
Cissy should have stayed at home after elementary school because her father - as in almost all families there - couldn't pay for the school fees.
Like most women in Uganda, she would have become a young mother with no chance of change, no chance of a better life.
Thanks to the support of the association “Kinder eine Chance”, which included Cissy in her program, she was able to go to school, even study and then work as a social worker.
Cissy talks impressively about her experiences, her career, her internships, which she completed in schools for “people with special needs”. In her stories she touches on the topics that shape the country, the social problems, but above all she gives insights into how difficult it is for women in particular to escape the eternal cycle of early motherhood and poverty
Official Selection
Que Sera Sera 1:25:00 India English, Hindi   Que Sera Sera is a story of two strangers meeting on a their last day in mumbai. Shot entirely on Iphone 7 in and around Mumbai, its the story of Kabir the poet and Lucia the ballerina finding comfort in each other's company as they explore the city together. What will become of them - Que Sera Sera .. Official Selection
Frontman 0:16:53 Korea, Republic of Korean       Official Selection
Justice And Death 1:40:55 India Bengali, Hindi     Justice is subjective. Its dimensions shades by individual's perspectives. The stories of three women in Justice and Death become a statute of the defeat of the just. The first woman travels in search of the perfect coffin which she wishes to be thrown in an eternal whirlpool. The grave digger in her story becomes a witness of helpless loneliness beyond life. The second plot is of a young girl, who tries to alter a judgement and later steal it from a court judge. Her attempt to question the very premises of the judgement leads to her death. The third plot is of a rebel woman, who is abandoned by her comrades and it is shot in a futile attempt to bring justice to an infidel. In the end, we are left with the question of what justice really is, its exexistence, its intentions, and implications for human existence more generally. The film is an attempt to explore this question while noting the insignificance of such a question itself. Official Selection
Peace Fury & the Dynamite King 116 Pages United States United States     Perhaps no two individuals had more impact on the 20th century than ALFRED NOBEL, the inventor, who, in his quest to create weapons too terrifying to ever be employed in battle instead made two world wars possible, and BARONESS BERTHA VON SUTTNER, the peace activist who directly inspired the Nobel Peace Prize and indirectly, the United Nations. Though Bertha and Alfred were what might be considered 19th century soulmates, circumstances conspired that each would marry lesser surrogates. Yet despite their enormous philosophical differences, their feelings for each other only increased over a lifetime. Official Selection
Team Beast 1:34:00 China Chinese     The film tells the story of a "false son" (Toby) from England to his father (Luo Fei) in his heart of the beautiful daydream and hard practice football, from the initial father and son when there is an argument to the end on the field together in the story. Best Producer
LOVER 1:30:00 China Chinese     After marriage for many years the husband and wife found that the child is not the father's biological, the father to find the truth, the wife to find the lover, after twists and turns finally found that everything is the fate of the joke. Best Feature Film Director