Screening for Online Extra session: 22nd July-5th August

Project Title Synopsis Duration Country Language Screenings / Awards Award
A Stranger Comes Home It's the night before Christmas eve and a little boy Discovers a burglar in his home. The burglar claims to be his estranged grandmother and she wants the boy to help her look for valuables. The boy however, is looking for something completely different. 0:11:12 Norway Norwegian   Official Selection
Amruthamathi Amruthamathi a kannada film is based on the story of "Yashodhara Charite" an epic poem written by Janna, a famous 13th century A.D. Kannada poet. This Janna's epic poem is recreated and reinterpreted in this film appropriate changes without diviating disturbing original essence of the story. 2:02:41 India Kannada   Official Selection
3 Little Angels One little, two little, three little angels Oh how I prayed for you When you came to life you stole my heart, but when you gained your wings I cried in the dark Oh oh oh Oh oh One little, two little, three little angels I know you're playing in God's palace yard I just wish I could have met you, that's why December, March, September's so hard Oh oh oh Oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh One little, two little, three little angels Oh how I prayed for you 0:02:23 United States English   Official Selection
Chorus of The Graces: Aglaia, Thalia, and Euphrosyne I have always been thinking about this short work for string quartet I wrote in 2015. I liked the tranquillity of the music, and a very nice performance by RTHK String Quartet. It was originally written for a music-image project, and I turned that into a part of my "Eurydice" in 2017. With Max I was finally able to transform the stillness of music to this jellyfish-kind of animation--so soft, so tender, yet still, simple. 0:03:35 Hong Kong English   Official Selection
Falafel Sundays The short is about a connection to a time, food and a person who serves it. It revolves around fleeting connections and tiny interactions, that become a part of our nostalgic past. 0:01:47 Bangladesh English   Best Super Short
Two Komachis One of the grim reapers, Wang has a taste to fall in love with a woman who is supposed to be brought to hell. Wang gets close to the woman, named Komachi, and try to build an intimate relationship. 1:25:47 Japan Chinese   Best Asian Drama Feature
Zu den Sternen Decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall Singer Marco Hoffmann has reached the height of his popularity. Suddenly, the ex-frontman of the East German rock combo DIE KOSMONAUTEN is accused of being by his former band colleague Volker Hinze, that "IM singer" who betrayed him to the Stasi at that time. 1:13:00 Germany German   Official Selection
Nasir and The Others The story of addicted children living in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia that has been struggling with civil war and terrorism for years... Having lost his mother when he was seven years old and been living on the streets since then, Nasır is only one of the young people victimized by clashes in Somalia. 0:32:00 Turkey Somali   Official Selection offering of Love to the DIVINE I have roamed the world to find you & lost, in the end I found you on the shores of my heart & Soul O Lord you are my Life Boat, You are my all of my strength & shield, My life is your Mirror, Your Maaya worships only You, I searched the World for you and got lost, You only can make me cross this bridge of Life, You are my everything and all I have, I searched the World for you and lost all, and found you on the shores of my Heart! 0:05:06 Singapore Hindi   Official Selection
Girl in a Van It is a short documentary made entirely by students of 2nd year, Department of Theater, Film and Television Studies at Aberystwyth University in Wales, UK. We are telling a story about the Néna Marie Hyland, a young artist. 0:05:23 United Kingdom English   Best UK Documentary
ANNA Cannes Official Selection 19' - Living in war-torn Eastern Ukraine, Anna is an aging single mother who is desperate for a change. Lured by a radio advertisement, she goes to party with a group of American men who are touring the country, searching for love. 0:14:59 United Kingdom Ukrainian   Best UK Drama
A Symphony in Stone A 60 min documentary which celebrates Glasgow’s stunning cityscape and architecture.Examining how the city expanded into suburbs and neighbourhoods it offers many lessons for todays city planners and urbanists.The film features the first film music composed by young composer Lliam Paterson. 1:00:00 United Kingdom English   Official Selection
Reboot A nightmare wakes John up long after morning has passed into midday. It's one of the many nightmares haunting him. He is a mess. A shelf of medicines and a stale beer await for him. He's having them all. As he looks towards a bookcase full of empty beer cans, he recalls the accident which took the lives of his wife and daughter ten years ago. All the usual methods of seeking and finding relief and inner peace have failed him. 0:14:58 Romania English   Official Selection
LIFTOFF A young woman dressed only in underwear climbs the steps of a lookout tower. We don't know why. But she seems to be increasingly in a hurry, because she climbs the spiral staircase faster and faster, as if she was late for a rendezvous. When she finally reaches the top, she aims the pencil-shaped metal spike attached to the viewing platform at a distant spot unknown to us: a little white flame moving upwards. 0:04:14 Switzerland English   Official Selection
Waiting For Nicko Contemporary Thriller. Nicko is late. Is he too late? 0:19:30 United Kingdom English   Official Selection
Boxes for Rox Awareness is the first phase. 0:04:54 United States     Official Selection
Chinese Ring A short film about a73-year-old Chinese woman removing her intrauterine device (IUD). 0:04:53 China Chinese   Official Selection
Sockeye Salmon. Red fish Sockeye, a species of wild salmon, is born in Kamchatkan waters and spends its entire life in the Pacific Ocean. Only once does it return to fresh waters - to give offspring, start the circle of life, and die. It is an inexhaustible resource that feeds billions of people on the planet, restored every year! But soon, we may find ourselves facing the unimaginable: humans will exhaust the inexhaustible! 0:51:00 Russian Federation Russian   Official Selection
Ye Are Gods The Battle Of Good Vs Evil 0:18:11 Canada English   Official Selection
My Stretch of Texas Ground Islamic warriors, led by the fearsome Abdul Latif Hassan, descend on a small Texas town to assassinate a visiting Senator, but standing in their way is the town’s very capable sheriff: Joe Haladin. 1:40:25 United States English   Best Religious Feature
Step by Step At the beginning of the 1940s there were 2743 Jews living in Komárno; only 248 survived the Holocaust, and today the community has just 58 registered members. Has Komárno managed to work through this deep incision in its history? And how does a Komárner living abroad, rarely returning home, see the situation, especially as it has developed over the last 20 years? 1:12:30 Switzerland German   Official Selection
Saturday As the viewer follows a joyful trip to the beach by a family with three young children, innocence and happiness give way to the unthinkable. While the day unfolds on-screen, the audience comes to realize, through subtle audiovisual cues, that a tragedy has occurred: one of the three children has drowned. Decisions are made in a state of shock, and the blurred lines between the rational and irrational interrupt and fragment the journey back home. 0:08:47 United States English   Official Selection
nameless Experimental short developed in the spirit of 'the universe in a single atom'. This film is an animation made entirely from extreme close-up images of 3 large jellyfish. Anything is possible? Everything is possible. Official Selection - 7 International Festivals. Award Winner Animation and Experimental. 0:19:46 Canada     Best Experimental Short
A NEW CHRISTMAS With his life falling apart, a grieving man faces the holidays for the first time without his beloved mother, who died unexpectedly last Christmas Eve. With the help of friends, family and a new visitor along the way, he will learn the true meaning of Christmas, while trying to figure out how to put the pieces of his life back together. 1:20:00 United States English   Official Selection
Amore, non è come pensi The wife comes back home earlier than expected and catches her husband in bed with another woman. In anger, she tries to kill him, but accidentally she hits the lover. Now they need to decide what to do with the body and how to conceal it from the police that are knocking on the door... 0:10:40 Italy Italian   Official Selection
Don't Be Dumb Use Your Thumb   0:00:30 United States English   Official Selection
In The Blood In the old west, Sartana rides into town to score some cash, form a gang and settle a score. His ex Dolores has been hiding out with an unwitting suitor. She has secrets and they are catching up with her. She means to skip town but her beau confronts her looking for answers and she doesn’t make it out in time before having a shootout with Sartana and his gang. 0:05:00 United States English   Official Selection
Quick and slow Quick and slow is a show where two jokester inventors (Fred and JS), a daring dummy (Bob), and a high-speed camera take elementary school students through a series of strange experiments to discover the magic of slow-motion. 0:07:30 Canada French   Official Selection
Light Keeper The Bubble has entered our world and appears to be a regular inanimate glass sphere. But as it recalls its understanding of a life, we quickly learn that it is a sentient being. It is unclear if this is a skill learned from a human companion, or a quality that all objects and materials in our world possess. The bubble speaks using flashes of caustic light divided into colours like a prism, and an aural frequency that is a memory of its last cry when it was forced into a permanent shape in the furnace. This language is translated to us in the subtitles. 1:25:00 United Kingdom English   Official Selection
Paola Rising A young girl feels her way through the world, bringing awareness and reconciliation to implicit biases among people around her. 0:10:09 Canada English   Best Canadian Short
The Journeyman Lawrence, a hacker and corporate spy, and Ariana, an underground activist join forces to expose massive banking fraud in the Eurozone, and the corrupt manipulation of the economy of Greece. A cryptic entry in a financial account leads Lawrence (Peter Babakitis) to Zurich and Athens, where he meets the beautiful young Activist Ariana (Krystal Langevin) who has been investigating banking crimes in her country. 1:30:00 United States English   Best Feature Thriller
Call Me Astronaut - Champagne Drag Queen The music video tells the story of a lonely, unhappy person, who has trouble being accepted for who he is by society. In his role as a drag queen, the main character experiences a frustrating day full of rejection, which leads to a rough night of drinking and partying. In the end he breaks down, finds himself waking up in the middle of a childrenʼs party and finally discovers that it doesn't matter what others think of him. 0:05:52 Austria     Official Selection
Anacronte Anacronte and the Sorcerers of Evil, without any emotion and fulfilling their destiny, they put to test humanity's happiness in a struggle that, in short, has each of us as winners and losers. 0:14:58 Argentina     Official Selection
KALPATARU ( THE TREE) Kalpataru: (A wish-fulfilling, divine tree in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.) The story highlights the importance of environment conservation. An ordinary laborer loses his young adult son. Doctors attribute his son's untimely death to medical conditions exacerbated by pollution. 1:34:34 India Hindi   Official Selection
Bucky A third date does not go as expected when Amy's lifelong friend Bucky confronts her date Peter. 0:08:27 United States English   Best Actor
HAPPY SAD FACE - HEART SHIELD Bigfoot hunter sets out on his final mission to find Sasquatch. He finds it, and they fall in love. Dancing, frolicking, holding hands and making love. Until the creature rips the Bigfoot hunters heart out. 0:04:07 United States English   Official Selection
Strut - 1980s (Music Video) Pierre’s prized pink flamingo has been brazenly pickpocketed! The shocking crime has led to a phone call to the FBI (Flamingo Bureau of Investigation) & the search is on. The situation grows so dire that the Pink Ninja is called to duty! 'Strut - 1980s', directed by Tim Cash, is the lead single off Pennan Brae's 5th release, 'Gravity - The Astronot'. 0:05:55 Canada English   Official Selection
Dont Heavy On A story about embracing our darkness so we can heal our trauma and better wield the light. 0:06:00 Canada     Best Music Video
Silent Movie The “Cinema Mudo” project is the realization of a short film and at the same time helping and integrating residents of a community living in a high-risk area. All children (actors and actresses) who work in the movie are residents in the community Vila Torres, an at-risk area in Curitiba. They were chosen after a theater classes for children held in that community as part as the film project. Most of the residents of this community live from the collection and recycling of garbage in the city of Curitiba. 0:15:00 Brazil Portuguese   Official Selection
Scorpion Fly An Eastern Immigrant, Kalim, has come to the United States for college has just graduated and has an important job interview. After a short lunch at a bar/restaurant with his friends, Kalim drives himself to his interview, along the way, a police officer who has less than noble intentions stops him and puts our protagonist in a difficult position. 0:07:40 United States English   Official Selection
Superstorm: A Love Story Jim, a retired football player, and his girlfriend Amy go to his cabin for the weekend. Confusing whose weekend it was to have the cabin, Jim's ex-wife, Kate, and her boyfriend Miller also go to the cabin for the weekend. A massive snow storm traps the four inside the house to deal with their relationship issues. 1:17:00 United States English   Official Selection
Hello, my Sweet Boy Darrel, a bisexual man in his thirties, comes out to his mother who suffers from dementia. 0:07:17 United States English   Best US Drama Short
Road 721 Road 721 is an allegory about global warming. Set in a number of California forests it tells the tale of Sam, a photo journalist from Los Angeles whose dream has been to write an essay about the state of forestry in the Redwoods as well as other wooded areas in the Western United States. What he encounters on his journey is mysterious, puzzling and ultimately terrifying. 0:25:13 United States English   Official Selection
The Spellbook After the death of someone in their hometown, two estranged childhood friends reunite for a sleepover. Together, they must confront a literal demon and their own unresolved issues. 0:10:00 United States English   Official Selection
APART Amelia is a young woman living in a post apocalyptic world. One day she suddenly receives an SOS call with gives her hope to fulfil her deepest wish, not being alone anymore. As she decides to set out and look for the person who sent the SOS call, her only challenge is to survive but soon she realises, there is something following her. 0:28:35 Austria English   Best Student Film
CoronaVegas A stark look at the Las Vegas strip and Downtown Fremont Street areas as the threat of COVID-19 forced hotel casinos and many businesses to shut down during the height of the pandemic. 0:08:22 United States English   Best Documentary Short
Conversation With A Cigarette A cat and mouse game ensues when a man faces his greatest enemy: A Cigarette. 0:18:00 United States English   Best Cinematography
The Blue Tooth Virgin An inside look into the politics of the creative process, two friends, both writers, face the daunting challenge of delivering negative criticism, but learn that the process can become a catalyst for self discovery and growth. Sam, an aspiring screenwriter, and David, a successful magazine editor, have been pals for years. When David doesn’t appreciate Sam’s latest screenplay, it opens a fissure in their friendship, one that spreads through to the rest of their lives. 1:19:35 United States English   Official Selection
Our Song Our Song is an experimental comedy drama about Love, Loss and Lyrics. She loves him. He loves her. They lose each other... and the whole time they only speak in song lyrics. 0:10:58 United States English   Best Comedy Short
Aicha Outskirts of the town, at a traditional house, Aicha, a 26-year-old woman leads a monotonous lifestyle. During the day, she does household chores and cares for her elderly mother who is sick and bedridden. In the evening, Aicha leaves home and waiting to cross the path of a possible lorry driver. 0:21:34 Morocco Arabic   Official Selection
Kayla “Kayla” tells the story of a seven year old girl who is forced to find balance between Chinese culture and Western culture, life and death, losing and gaining. Kayla has a happy family – her mother comes from China, her father from the United States. 1:41:00 United States Chinese, English   Official Selection
LEGACY A young woman arrives at the house of her recently deceased grandmother to find the documents necessary to process the estate. In doing so, she comes across strange clues that increasingly underpin the decade-long delusions of persecution of the deceased. When strange finds and inexplicable events pile up, she decides to leave the dilapidated house - but the delusions become real. 0:19:03 Austria German   Official Selection
Alice-Miranda Friends Forever An extraordinary young girl, who at the age of 9 3⁄4 has organised her own early entry into boarding school along with her cheeky pony, Bonaparte. She’s the youngest girl ever to attend Winchesterfield–Downsfordvale Girls Academy, a delightful country boarding school with a difference! 1:23:00 Australia English   Best Childrens Film
Doroteah For the last 50 years Dorit Shimron has created pioneering dance performances in Israel and abroad. The film combines a cinematic journey with her dancers and outstanding archive of dances. 90 min Heb, English sub 1:31:00 Israel Hebrew   Official Selection
Our Great Day: A Bond with Houston Blues Our Great Day: A Bond with Houston Blues pays tribute to the African American blues heritage of the largest city in Texas. The story reveals the unlikely relationship between a grand cast of characters from that music community and James Fraher, a Chicago-born photographer who resides in County Sligo, Ireland. The primary focus is a 1998 reunion of over seventy musicians for Fraher to make their group portrait, an event staged in Houston’s Third Ward in a rotunda originally built for the state’s first Jewish congregation. Incorporating video shot between 1995 and 2018, Our Great Day blends diverse elements of local history—social, musical, entrepreneurial, architectural—with blues performances, folklore, and personal reflections by and about individual artists. 0:52:10 United States English   Best Music Feature
Dotted Lines It has to be Resa's worst day! Neither does she know where she is nor how she got to this scary neighborhood. To complete her misery, she can't find her phone! How can she escape this nightmare? 0:04:42 Germany     Best European Short
Wolf A young woman who loses the love of her life to schizophrenia questions her own sanity amidst her grief. 0:15:44 United States English   Best US Short
Bigger Than a Breadbox A group of former college friends reunites for a "little" get together. 0:13:08 United States English   Official Selection
ON THE MOVE This project examines mental issues such as panic and anxiety in our daily life. These situations may arise over and over again but will also pass, since life is a strange loop, everything will always on the move. The work attempts to unfold the serious and common mental symptoms through visual methods in a poetic way. Feelings of uneasiness are intangible, personal, and obstinate, but in this project, the healing power of poetic thinking could be a new way of learning. 0:01:50 United Kingdom English   Best Animation Short
Expired Life is a lovely trap, nothing going to remain the same. The way we love and the method we adopt will always shift our destination. 0:02:20       Official Selection
MASLO CHERNOGO TMINA – THE UNTITLED   0:03:20 Russian Federation Russian   Official Selection
HUSKY – KILL ME   0:03:03 Russian Federation Russian   Official Selection
Acromatic A young man walking the thin line between depression and creating art finds inspiration in his blood. 0:15:00 Austria German   Official Selection
The Field of Miracles Two thugs that no one would like to meet in a dark alley, roam around at night in an empty field dominated by a large and solitary tree. Their nicknames are Fox and Cat. Cat is reluctantly digging a hole in the ground, while Fox is watching the work in progress. They convinced Pinocchio to bury his gold coins there and now they are looking for them. Due to their opposite personalities, the clash between the two is inevitable: Fox is confident and arrogant, while Cat is submissive and has trouble controlling his anger. The chatter goes from one subject to another and each thread is a possible source of conflict, until something snaps and the tables are turned. 0:09:41 Italy English   Official Selection
The Moment Love story in the paradigm of war in Eastern Ukraine. Young people accidentally meet each other in a robbed by prowlers old house. They are in the combat zone and they have to run quickly to the contact line. They have to cross this temporary boarder and reach peaceful life. And that night on their way to the contact line will change them a lot. The short film was inspired by Volodymyr Vynnychenko's short story Moment. 0:30:46 Ukraine Ukrainian   Official Selection
Sun Shine Moon The Chinese Sun (Ding Ding) and the Korean Moon (Jinseung Moon) meet at a language course in Heidelberg. As Moon remains without a room Sun helps him. They accept the proposal of a sinister pub owner, who offers them a place to stay. In return they have to deliver mysterious boxes. 1:35:22 Spain English, German   Official Selection
Yschtoo- Get ready for the Carnival of Basle Behind the scenes of the Carnival of Basle. In the course of one year, the camera accompanies several carnival societies during their preparations. Its lantern, mask and costume designers relate both their motivations and know-how. The balladeers, float societies and brass bands are also part of the film. In the end, the different artistic approaches and processes merge to create a multicoloured puzzle, the carnival. 1:33:00 Switzerland Swiss German   Best European Documentary
Todd Takes a Break A teleneurologist explains his nightly routine. 0:03:11 United States English   Official Selection
LE PAPILLON Vanessa, a thirty-something mother who is struggling to make ends meet, travels to Marseille following the death of her father, a well-known sculptor who went mad during Vanessa’s adolescence.She who has not seen her father since the separation of her parents has an appointment with Master Leclerc, in charge of the estate, in her father’s old workshop.He will offer her a choice which will plunge Vanessa back to her past. 0:25:38       Official Selection
Keep Listening to Discover the Universe - Prometheus Journey Skimming across the pages of an ancient book, taking off to the stars beyond humanity itself unto the crystallisation of time as you follow the trail of sounds left behind by the universe. A plummeting ascension towards the void, through layers of geological memory, wrapped in clusters of celestial bodies following hypnotic orbits. Headed towards the barriers of technology where the space-time limitations between biology and geology are blurred. 0:04:58 Italy     Official Selection
Ivan's Game IVAN’S GAME is a biographical documentary which covers the life story of one of the greatest Croatian football players of all time: Ivan Gudelj. The film follows Ivan’s meteoric rise and the tragic end of his career at the height of his fame when he got ill from hepatitis B virus that nearly killed him. It is a story of an exceptional man who lost everything because of the illness, but eventually won his life's game. 0:51:33 Croatia Croatian   Best Sports Documentary
Neighbors NEIGHBORS is an observational documentary about people with mental illness who are leaving their institution after decades spent in isolation and once they get out trying to put their shattered lives back together. 1:13:36 Croatia Croatian, English   Official Selection
Yo Soy Manuel (Working Title) Glimpse of an undersized twelve year old boy working in the dumps of Managua 0:10:18 United States Spanish   Official Selection
Paradise Hotel Una divertida comedia sobre la amistad, la familia y el primer amor. Cuando Guillermo, un introvertido preadolescente, llega con su familia a pasar vacaciones al maravilloso HOTEL PARAÍSO no solo tendrá unos divertidos días llenos de actividades y coloridos animadores, sino que también conocerá a Andrea una hermosa y curiosa chica de su colegio con la que regularmente fantasea. 1:32:53 Peru Spanish   Best Spanish Language Film
Fadi Awad - To Glory Land A musical and movie score... 0:05:51 Canada   Five Continents International Film Festival
Best Original Score Short Film
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
Official Selection
Macy's Goes To War "Macy's Goes to War" is a fictional short black and white "Washingtone News" newsreel from 1942 telling the story of FDR's call for much needed scrap rubber and his phone call to Mr Macy resulting in Macy's Department Store's vital contribution to the US war effort. 0:05:37 United States English   Official Selection
Ellipsis A young man and woman reconnect at their high school reunion and wind up spending the evening discussing their differing views on life, love, and whether they've been given another shot at being together. 1:27:53 United States English   Official Selection
THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER: THE MUSICAL (2) A tarot card predicts Muerte on the Eve of the Day of the Dead. Set in Salem, MA on an All Hallows' Eve, a wedding feast has been prepped.
When a Groomsman kills an innocent birdie, the Ancient Mariner knows who must hear his tale of crime, punishment, penance and reconciliation before day break on All Saints' Day. As the boundary between the living and the dead thin, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: The Musical" will unleash a deadly curse on the Seven Seas, you'll soon never forget!
0:47:00 Canada     Official Selection
BORROWING A marriage collapsing under its own weight. One woman's quest for motherhood. 0:19:56 United States English   Official Selection
Marcel Duchamp: Art of the Possible What is art? This was the question posed by the father of conceptualism, Marcel Duchamp, when he put a urinal in an art show in 1917. Marcel Duchamp: The Art of the Possible unpacks the paradigm shift of art in the 20th century by Duchamp’s radical and enigmatic works that challenged the status quo and unlocked unlimited potential for the generations that followed him. Thanks to Duchamp, art would never again be the same. 1:29:51 United States English   Official Selection
Dancing on Eggshells: The Making of Shumka's Ancestors & Elders A documentary on the making of Shumka's Ancestors & Elders which follows the production Co-Directors: Indigenous theatre artist Barry Bilinsky and Shumka choreographer and dancer Joseph Hoffman. The documentary focuses on the artists' creative process as they navigate the difficulties of uniting their respective cultural stories, while dancing around 150 years of cultural baggage. 0:52:10 Canada English   Official Selection
F20 F20 is a psychological thriller about a young girl, Martina who stays in the city during summer, forced to work in her father's pizzeria to deliver pizza though she daydreams about going to the Party Beach. She starts a relationship with a young man, Filip, who spends most of his time at home playing videogames and ordering pizza. When Martina's best friend goes to have fun over the weekend, her strict father forbids her to go, so Martina uses Filip to circumvent her father's ban. However, instead of her dreams coming true, Martina's reality quickly turns into a bloody nightmare. 1:30:00 Croatia Croatian   Best Actress
I'm Not Lying How can a Chinese girl survive in a Chinese red terrorist political struggle! 0:15:00 United States Chinese   Official Selection
The Map is the Territory A world map flows into alternate realities. Coastlines drift and borders shift, as a radio searches through an endless spectrum. 0:10:00 United States     Official Selection
UNNATURAL SELECTION Fragile membranes, broken boundaries, ethereal plumbing. 0:26:28 United States     Best Artistic Feature
Primavera “Primavera” is a short dance video that takes its inspiration from the Boticelli painting, featuring the Three Graces enacting the rites of Spring. 0:04:10       Official Selection
Under the weight of remorse Four women, Adelaide, Gloria, Isabel Cristina and Maria Eduarda, are in the reception room of a hospital. Even without knowing each other and taking advantage of this waiting time to be attended, they recount their lives until arriving at that hospital trying to understand what led them there. After several coincidences in their stories, they discover that their lives are linked to the same person, a man named Carlos Cesar. 1:49:44 Brazil Portuguese   Best Cast
Getting Worldly   1:08:00 United States English   Official Selection
Proclaimed Murder The film tackles the issue of domestic, social, media and political violence practiced against women since their childhood, through the nightmares of an 11-year-old girl living with her family in a Syrian refugee camp. These nightmares reflect the extent of her suffering due to the violence stocked up in her memory, the impoverishment she and her family have been subject to after their displacement, despite their agricultural work in a nearby field. 0:15:00 Lebanon Arabic   Official Selection
Vidhān (Writ) Vidhān (Writ), a romantic drama, is a take on relationships. A casual conversation on the use of appropriate language sets off a whirlwind romance between Pranay and Akshar (Abhishek). They start meeting regularly and the romance blossoms. However, there is one issue - Akshar is a sex worker. The film takes us through the vicissitudes of their romantic journey. 1:23:56 India Hindi   Official Selection
The Donbass children This is a movie about the Donbas war, first-person stories. You will hear the stories of so-called ""ordinary people"". These people suffered from irrational from a military point of view strikes on civilian targets. They are victims of someone's desire to wage war on their territory at all costs. 1:00:00       Best War Feature
The End A crisis of a middle aged man who finds himself trapped in his memories, trying to cope with the physical and mental feeling of impending end. 0:11:00 Latvia     Official Selection
Tokyo Banana This documentary follows three individuals who are facing their life challenges, while trying to make it in the entertainment world. Comedian and impersonator, TANK has been married 6 times with over 10 children. Yohei Shima is a young actor who faced troubles when studying abroad in the US. Impromptu performer Mattsun, has developmental disorders of Asperger and ADHD. 2:13:33 Japan Japanese   Best Japanese Feature
S is for Summer, K was for fall Susumu has moved up to Tokyo from Osaka. He went to an interview at music production company over the summer.He has decided to try to achieve his best friend Koichi’s dream of playing in a band 1:20:00 Japan Japanese   Official Selection
Wake Me Up An experimental psycho drama about a woman struggles to wake up from a series of dream fragments nightmare triggered by a suspicious phone call of her boyfriend, but she finally realizes that she might still trapped in the dream. 0:08:21 United States     Official Selection
Illusion   0:06:21 United States     Official Selection
Frogs Val and her two daughters live in a small house of 16 square meters. One night, mother and daughters are suddenly awakened by the sound of palms and someone calling for Val. The voice is of Neném Preto, Val's friend and worker at the little market. At the gate, Val hears a strange request: to use her yard to spawn an exotic cargo. The mother hesitates, but feeling pressured and almost without option, she accepts the request. 0:15:20 Brazil Portuguese   Official Selection
In the Wind Desperate grassroots director Lan Hai and a friend of his named Ouyang, they decided to film a mockumentary. Jiang Xiao, a graduating senior student influenced by the Chinese mainstream education, he decided to film the entire process of Lan's mockumentary production as his final project before graduation. 1:18:48       Official Selection
The East-West Odyssey Geopolitical tensions continue to increase between Russia and United States. Twenty-five years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the term "new Cold War" appeared on the international scene. Are the Russians and Americans becoming the belligerents of this new conflict? To understand this phenomenon, Thibault will ride a bike from Moscow to Washington for 6 months and travel more than 20,000 kilometers. During this odyssey, he will give free speech to Russian and American citizens to understand origins of their two worldviews. 0:53:00 France English, French, Russian   Best Political Feature
Lonely Jack The loner writer is experiencing a creative crisis since his lover left. Suddenly, he starts to feel like there's someone else in the house. 0:31:38 Ukraine Russian   Official Selection
Where's my... Ukrainian village is alarmed!Granny Lena spreads rumors, that a local, Vovka, goes to Galka's wedding, carrying an axe in his hand, to take revenge for cuckoldry. Local police officer decides to take matters into his hands. But no one knows, what exactly Vovka's planning to do. 0:08:55 Ukraine Ukrainian   Official Selection
The School in the Clouds How does a school in the remote mountains of Ukraine survive harsh winters, crumbling infrastructure, and a lack of government investment? The School in the Clouds tells the story of a rural school in Bukovets, Ukraine and follows a young student, principal, chef and teacher. Children hike some 7km down from the mountains to reach this school and despite difficult conditions, the staff continue to find ways to teach traditional ways of life and equip their students for success in the future. 0:14:21 Canada English, Ukrainian   Official Selection
Empty Skies A boy and his new friend hunt their village's last sparrow for a reward to save his sick Grandma during Communist China's Great Leap Forward (1958-1961). 0:18:32 United States Chinese   Official Selection
The animal that therefore I am “What does the animal see when it looks at me?” Three animals and a woman in an enclosed space. As they study each other, their own methods of communication create a wordless conversation. We view them in close-up and from various perspectives, with the woman as a solitary species in this universe. 0:10:37 Netherlands English, French   Official Selection
Kohtaro in Space wonderland An SF adventure fantasy film starring a young boy.He and a pink Raccoon dog(a nanny robot) head to the Chocolate planet. There they meet a little boy robot. The 3 work together to fight.A heart warming film that can be appreciated by a wide audience and teaches the importance of cooperation. This is a self-produced film that took 6 years to complete. It was made with the help of roughly 130 people through the internet. It was originally a hand-made picture book. 0:11:00       Official Selection
In Tilbury ( near Cambridge ) A story in a supermarket and fullfilment centre in Tilbury England. 0:06:35 United Kingdom English   Official Selection