28th of October 2018

Title Synopsis Directors Country Duration
One more chance What is the price of making your child the best in the world?

Famous racing driver Jason Watt crashed and was paralysed. Now he’s got another chance. His 14-year old son Noah is one of the world’s best go-kart racers.
But it’s difficult to be both dad and coach when the goal is Formula 1. Jason supports Noah in every way but demands everything in return. The pressure brings out violent emotions and puts their relationship on the line.

”One more chance” is a brutally honest portrait of a dad and son for whom second place is the first loser.
Lone Leegaard Denmark 01:15:00
Ludo An expressionist, slow-paced, claustrophobic and unpleasant psychological drama about an 11-year-old girl caught between her mother's mental illness and her father's well-meaning passiveness. A non-mainstream film that doesn't try to please anyone,
LUDO is the first feature film from the Faroe Islands (probably the world's smallest film nation) since 1999.
Katrin Ottarsdóttir Faroe Islands 01:11:07
DNA OF WILD BEASTS Along her team, the "36', Lea, commander of operation, faces the true face of the news, filled with blood crimes, and is one the top on the French police force.Protected and connected by their invisible bonds weaknesses and solidarity is in their DNA Delphine Montaigne France 00:17:50
Krieg Tasked with locating a French Underground transmitter, an elite German SS unit commits atrocities against their Partisan prisoners. Shamed by his involvement, one officer is compelled to leave camp and seek out the transmitter on his own hoping that, by finding the radio, he can prevent further crimes. He discovers a downed American aircraft and, in a twist of fate, finds redemption by delivering the wounded bombardier to the very enemy for whom they are searching. Jeff Fry United States 00:39:30
The March of Hope A road movie on Human Rights....

Inverting the parameters of what a road movie should be, „The March of Hope“, tackles the plight of refugees from the most unlikely perspective: a little yellow van.

Two friends set out from Berlin in the hope of learning first hand about the lives of refugees in Europe. During filming the “Refugee Crisis” would reach its apotheosis as the EU-Turkey Pact is agreed and the “Balkan Route” is closed.

The documentary is a deeply personal and emotional perspective on the subject of human rights, and challenges the thresholds of how a humanitarian crisis can be tackled in film. Rather than becoming a film on refugees, it became a living document to the power of the human spirit in unspeakable circumstances.

“The March of Hope” is a celebration of everything which makes us a human, and a stinging rebuke in film to the xenophobia growing in Europe.


*The songs from the film have been released as an fundraising album,  whose proceeds raised 20,000 euros - all used towards buying an SAR Boat, now operational in the Mediterranean.
Link - https://gogetfunding.com/boat-for-sara/

**The film has been translated (subtitled) in 8 languages by generous people who have been following the film on line. So far German, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek (in process), Russian (in process), English. Swedish and Czech are scheduled.
Jim Kroft & Bastian Fischer Germany 01:29:15

22-24 November 2019

Unser Ziel ist es, die hervorragendsten Filme in allen Teilen der Welt zu präsentieren, um internationalen Erfolg zu erreichen.Austria National Film Festival ist nach wie vor ein wichtiges Zentrum der Filmkunst. Die großen Traditionen des österreichischen Kinos wurden durch den „Oscar“ und die „Palme d'Or“ -Siegerregisseur Michael Haneke - fortgesetzt. 

Grand Prix des Festivals - Die „Goldene Sphinx“ ist ein Symbol für Geheimnis und Weisheit. Wir glauben, dass etwas Geheimnis in jedem realen Kunstwerk zu finden ist. Es gibt auch Preise für den Besten Film, den Besten Regisseur, den Besten Kurzfilm, den Besten Dokumentarfilm und das Beste Musikvideo.