Characterized by fury and impuissance, driven by the struggle with oneself and the deep longing for a restart ‚ FAREWELL NOTE‘ literally cries for rapture. With the determined use of timpani and violins, influenced by the significant voice of the lead singer, the number steers towards his outburst before it dissolves in a musical Supernova. Based on the theme of conclusion BLINDED BY STARDUST highlights the human beings and their emotions, the self-discovery and liberation from their own constraints. In an old attic, flooded by light and covered in dust, the concept turned into reality. Lots to see, less to understand, more to feel. Due to the collaboration with dancers from different genres, choreographers and filmmakers, paired with inspiration from deaf people and their influence on the symbolic character of the video, a soulful and lyrically vision of humanity arose during the one-year production. From a cinematic point of view the creators focused on creating emotions by the use of close shots, slow motion, as well as color grading. Lead by the musical intensity, the visual implementation of the music video tries to refer to global events and inner struggles of the human being, underlined by impressive expressions of body and symbols. At the same time, much space is left for self-interpretation, while emotions accentuated by colors are discharged in an explosive kaleidoscope of aesthetics. FAREWELL NOTE – combining music video and art, it’s content is intended to be interpreted by the viewer. BLINDED BY STARDUST Spherical sounds, full of desire and healing pain, sweeping alternative folk and intense lyrics, goose bumps-guaranteed - BLINDED BY STARDUST takes us on a personal journey through the shoals of human feelings. The music video as well as the associated single are part of the 2017 upcoming debut EP FAREWELL NOTE by the Viennese Band BLINDED BY STARDUST.

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Best Music Video
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Lukas Cioni