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Releasing Soul (screenplay)

Through the interactions we have with others, we share our thoughts, emotions and each encounter is a moment of us releasing soul. This is the story of a wealthy, older man who is coming to terms with the very present reality that soon, he will be leaving this life.

Wisconsin, USA
Vigil When a boy accidentally brings his nightmare to life, he must look for the solution deep within his dreams. Canada
From Within USA
The Green Rabbit & The Ice Cream Girl Gerry is stumbling through the empty desert, in just his underwear, with no memory. A beautiful old car pulls up, with a young girl driving. She knows his name, because it's tattooed on his forehead. Her name is Eilis, and she wears a pendant around her neck with her own name on it. USA
Ready-mades with Interest When the filmmaker found a 1967 concert ticket in Vienna, this set her on a musico-historical journey in Austria that eventually led her back home to Scotland. Belgium
KRUMP Krump is a short documentary about the dance style 'Krump' and introduces young dancers, by award winning filmmaker Johannes Ziegler. The dancers show and tell to the viewer, how they use dance, to express their deep emotions and with this, they can feel free and peacefull. Germany
Behind the Random Denominator An alcoholic writer, living on a remote peninsula, is waiting for drinking buddies to come over on a stormy night, when he begins receiving unnerving phone calls. Conversations with his wife, a friend and a curious stranger who calls himself 'investigator', gradually become more and more bizarre. Estonia
Jake's Chosen Love plays an important role in my generation. I think it have the primary role. That is why I have given her a lot of attention in several texts of my musician art. Of course they are differentiated, even in artistic form. Especially the youth often has a very large scope for that. Austria
Two Steps Behind When it feels like the whole world is against the one you care for, its hard for young teen Chris to stay strong and defend his older brother Mana. Will he learn to do so before its too late? New Zealand
Third World Man Third World Man is a political thriller about Roderick Glaumo, an Australian investigator sent to Sudan by the UN to look into the theft of food and medical aid. Roderick suspects that the local warlord Alphonsus is involved, and wants to set up a meeting. He believes he can reason with the man. Australia
This is Ed!! USA
Pratersauna - The final round Vienna! That is Sissi, the Opera, Lipizzaner und Sacher Cake. (Is it really just this?) Or is there more?After seven glorious years, one of the most influential clubs, the Pratersauna, closed its doors in Vienna. Austria
MOBIUS The film will use the perspective of goldfish, and human perspective, Through the 'the seven deadly sins' and 'the seven holy virtues' in Christianity to observe and show complex and varied humanity. China
Closing A dance-studio is closing due to lack of government funds granted by the 'National Endowment for the Arts' (NEA). The young dancers are tempted to move on to 'lower-arts' such as pop & rock-music, inadvertently contributing to the further dumbing down of the American Culture. USA
Holes in their Souls A bizarre tale of two men's obsession that has since become urban legend-The story of the Southport Sockmen. United Kingdom

A gritty comedy shorts about four modern day greasers who must save their deceased friends ashes from collecting dust on a mantelpiece.

Pride and Fury Upon performing heroically in Afghanistan, a soldier learns that a member of her unit is to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. A decoration she believes she deserves. USA
BIKINI BLUE Great Britain, 1953. Cold War lasts despite the summer. Stalin is dead, the British just finished celebrating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, cinema halls are possessed by catastrophic movies about the destruction of the Earth by Martians. Poland
Energy Essayistic study of energy for 12 cellos, nature sounds and rhythmicized video sequences.Contemporary music. Germany
The Smear Campaign USA
The Least Worst Man USA
Unclear limit This film is about two young women who both live a stressful experience. One of them is a professional dancer performing an audition, while the other has just broke up. Although different, both of them know their own sexuality quite well. Canada
Last Drinks at Frida's A soldier returning home from the war finds himself wandering the dangerous city alleyways after midnight, after Aboriginal curfew. Through the shadows he finds “Frida’s” an Aboriginal speak easy bar and is instantly seduced by the sounds of jazz singer Tilly De Frida. Australia
Runaways In 19th Century England, two escaped convicts race through the dense woodlands, fighting tooth and claw for their freedom. The unlikely pair's tentative comradeship begins to unfurl as they stumble across an unsuspecting couple. United Kingdom
Burden USA
WHY ? WHY ?' is a collaboration between an artist, filmmaker and composer who each share a compelling interrogative response to our inherited history. Canada
Down by the River USA
Je suis la Fin After a last contract, Pierre decides to go have a drink. Héla, an attractive young woman, comes to approach him at the counter. Pierre is fatigued on his day but plays her game. What does she really want? France
Mis'TIC A loving father (Massud Rahnama) his devoted daughter (Roxana Rahnama) and his troublesome tic. A comedy about misunderstandings and a wonderful heart warming father / daughter relationship. Austria
Lucia The the rural mountains of Galicia, Spain a particular group of people practice an ancient tradition dating back to the 16th hundred. Tough village men wrestle and tame wild mountain horses with their bare hands in order to trim the horses' mane and tail. USA
Stance Music Video. Amazing Grace USA
Escape From Zion - A Matrix Parody Remember when Agent Smith interrogates Morpheus for the codes to get into Zion in 'The Matrix'? Well, it's been flipped =) USA
Thunder Lake Cowboy meets a spirit in an empty place. USA
The Attendant Starring Rob James-Collier (Downton Abbey) and Isy Suttie (Peep Show), The Attendant tells the story of Alex, a hapless and hopeless romantic, who has worked the graveyard shift of an isolated petrol station longer than he cares to remember.The time spent on his own, fighting against boredom, has fo United Kingdom
The Messenger! Sounds and images have been haunting Dr. Hadi for months. Pleads in unknown languages and crying lead him to find the sad messages and the shocking source of the pleads. Will he find out what really happened? Or will he just be the messenger to deliver the unsent messages. USA
You see me Austria
What Will Never Perish? Hong Kong
The Survivor The confession of Carol Essers about New York, 9/11 and loneliness. Nothing is what it seems. Fiction, based on true events. Belgium
I Contacted Poison Control When Marnie and Janet entered the building they believed they knew one another, when they left they were strangers. They went to experimental theatre on a date, they were blindfolded, separated, and then they revealed their secrets Australia
Between Departures USA
LISTEN A young boy who became deaf persists in embracing his passion for music. Along with his encouraging mother, he faces the day that might change their lives. France
Innocence Lost: Stories from Children of the Holocaust At least eleven million people were murdered in the Holocaust carried out by Nazi Germany. Six million of the victims were Jewish. About 1.5 million were children. USA
Nobody Is Home Right Now Germany
Shallow Grave Returning home from their father’s funeral, three siblings mistakenly hit a dog while passing through a small town. Canada
It's Alright Five-year-old Alexa comes to realize that her young mother is out of money and on the verge of a breakdown. Hoping to save the situation, Alexa makes a decision she will never forget. Norway
Grey Pain

A Poetic Triptych / A Visual Trilogy

Life of The Fading Glow Thirty-seven year old artist David Otis Johnson intends to quit his stable job, in order to fully endorse his passion to neon art craft. However, after 4 decades’ prime time in 20th Century, neon business is falling and nearly dying in the 2010s. USA
Structures of Nature Structures of Nature' is an audiovisual journey through the inner worlds of experiences in the form of a three-part interaction between four narrators, twelve violoncellos, emergent sound events and rhythmicized synaesthetic video sequences. Germany
Between Seconds "Between Seconds" is the story of two musicians who have grown out of sync with their music and ultimately themselves. Adrian, a classically trained pianist, loses the ability to play in sync with his music when thoughts of his ex-girlfriend flood his mind. United States
Delightful Singer/Songwriter Katie Garibaldi’s “Delightful” music video celebrates self-empowerment and independence, and considers that happiness is a choice. United States
Turn off the Lights First videoclip for chilean singer Vesta Lugg. Chile
MAYUR MAYUR, which means “peacock” in Sanskrit, is a 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution abstract, visual music animation inspired by Asian cosmologies, symbols and music. Singapore
cupid is not a terrorist Finding true love is a thrilling adventure, especially if involved personally. Switzerland
The Dance of Those Left Behind Chile
Sheila A woman hunts down the psychopath who tortured her. Austria
Lilt Daydreams of dancers begin to flood the thoughts of two friends as they investigate the nature of memory. United States
Lies Blood of VanGogh music video Canada
Tales of Teleki Square The new generation of the community of the last Jewish praying house of Teleki square, Budapest start a quest unfolding the story of the praying house. Hungary
Farewell Note Characterized by fury and impuissance, driven by the struggle with oneself and the deep longing for a restart ‚ FAREWELL NOTE‘ literally cries for rapture. Austria
Heath Takes a Trip When a famous writer suffers a breakdown, a stranger takes him on the road to resolution. United States
Unwanted heritage WWII monuments of the ex Yugoslavia, work of best east European artists, once vorshiped, now they and their symbolism have been abandoned, neglected and destroyed. Monuments are silent witnesses to the times when they were built and the people who built them. Croatia
The Blue Goose THE BLUE GOOSE is a documentary series which tells the story of the Michigan State Police recruit school (known as one of the toughest police academies to graduate from). United States
A Good Dream A psychological art-film about a girl in her 20s trying to find herself in New York City. When she suddenly finds herself haunted by a presence, she has trouble distinguishing fiction from reality and falls deeper into a world of her perceptions. United States
NEONA In Beijing 1995 the concept "sex" was replaced with the concept "gender" at the UN World Conference. Future consequences of this event are predicted in erotic anti-utopia "NEONA". Russian Federation
Transmission Filmed on Super-8. Spliced by hand. Some frames have been hand painted/scratched. This film explores the mundanity of low-level, repetitive jobs. About a man who goes to work and has dreams about being a machine. Every journey to work, every day merges into one. Repetition and replication. United Kingdom
Suicide Service The motivations of two men running an illegal assisted suicide service to help relieve suffering change with the the appearance of two very different women in their lives. Norway
The Children of the Noon The Children of the Noon deals with the universal subject of life. The time passes marked out by daily activities for the group of children and teenagers in the orphanage in Nchiru, the small Kenyan village. Austria
RETURN TO THE WORLD OF DANCE Return to the World of Dance is an instructional guide for those perplexed by the post-modern condition. Return to the World of Dance is not about dance but is a tribute to Fernand Léger’s Ballet Mécanique. United States
Nation Down On a strange world locked in a dystopian nightmare, an oppressive regime is met with riots and rebellion. Desperate to suppress chaos, the king triggers a perverse manipulative scheme before risking his dominance in a warped bid for companionship. United Kingdom
Jasper Jasper, a young, lovelorn inventor, strives to create a time machine in order to win back his ex-girlfriend. In the process, he meets Claire, a clever engineering student who takes interest in his work. United Kingdom
The hourglass (Das Stundenglas) Just one short moment in childhood changed a life forever. Austria
Milkshake After their parents died, an adopted teenage boy struggles to live with his adoptive little sister against harsh reality. Korea, Republic of
Samaritan A homeless man struggles for survival on the street but no one cares about him. United States
Last Day on Earth A man who was buried in a gold mine ninety years ago comes back home to spend his last day on Earth. He struggles to accomplish his final mission that stops a Professor who tries to prove Higgs boson particle (God's particle) and eventually he reveals the mystery stone. United States
Nowhere Man A gangster betrays his boss because of money and enjoys the moment in their hideout but someone watches him. United States
Reverie practice If the quote that presents the work (of Bachelard’s book " Water and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Matter") announces the attitude I took; the title states the intention: to reflect, as poetical exercise, on the significant capacity of a symbolic element of the territory, the water. Spain
THE SEPARATION THE SEPARATION is a reflection on light, duration and transformation. United Kingdom
Welcome! João, a six-month-old baby, won't eat his food at a mother's day lunch reunion, while the whole family strugles to feed the baby. Brazil
Golden Light Music Video for Blonde Redhead's latest single "Golden Light" Italy
Reminiscenses Animation documentary examines memory processes via recollections of four interviewees. What kind of memories linger and what short of stories awaken when a person is reguested to tell a life story freely, without leading to any subjects or themes. Finland
The Legend of the Lilies A beautiful invasion! The children’s book The Legend of the Lilies describes the beginning of life and its delicate balance, the thoughts and ideals of even the flowers in the fields and their use of ancient principles to acquire success. It encourages every child in a fantastical way to think big United States
The Deathbed The appearance of the children seen 10 minutes before death. An old mother lost her consciousness and fell down,on the eve of death. Her children who gathered for her deathbed began to argue with each other because of the heritage and barely breathing, the old lady saw this. Korea, Republic of
Shells A man, in the midst of a personal crisis, seeks solace in an icy forest where an abandoned horse leads him into a road of multiform sea waves of color. United States
Variations on Breathing How can we embrace our true selves amid an ocean of false social constructs and unconscious biases? United States
September Sketch Book SEPTEMBER SKETCH BOOK is an experimental film created using old school animation; over 5,400 drawings made with pen and paper. The film is abstract in nature, with sequences based on flags from around the world. United States
A Weird Kind of Love Filmed in the months running up to the Brexit referendum in mid 2016, this documentary film shines a light on the anxious mood, and differing attitudes and beliefs of various Londoners. Loosely based on the 1961 French Cinema Verité film, ‘Chronique d’un été,’ the participants of A Weird Kind of L United Kingdom
The Warriors: Fighting the Incurable Juvenile Huntington's Disease Huntington's disease is often referred to as the worst disease known to mankind. It is a genetic neurodegenerative disease that causes involuntary movements, cognitive impairment, and psychiatric behaviors. There are no therapies, no cure, and it ALWAYS ends in death. United States
All because of Omi - For auld lang syne My film deals with the friendship of my Berlin family to a Scottish family which lasts for more than sixty years now. In 1955 my grandma invited a Scottish soldier [not the one from Andy Stewards song though] who liked our family very much and he visited my grandmas´ home very often. Germany
VOICES Seventh short film of the Body & Sound series by Alberto Nacci on the relationship between musicians and their musical instruments. Italy
Photo Farag Film Emigrating to Israel from Baghdad in the 1950s, the Farag family built a hugely successful photography business which revolutionised the way Israelis took, developed and related to pictures. Israel
FANTASTEN Sara and Leon are contacting each other on Skype on a daily basis. There are no secrets. Single rule: no physical contact. Sara is separating this strictly. Leon is for talking. And for everything else, there is someone else. Germany